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UK Arts & Humanities Q&A

UK Arts & Humanities Q&A

More ukready artsArts & Humanities questions please ukready UKReady The requirements of the tons outweigh the desires of the few? Do you know who the first person was to voice this because I know it as been said by different people throughout time but I am wanting to know where on earth it originally came from. Thanks for your help. Gypsy's answer is great, ... The Sunlight on the Garden - what do you conjecture? The sunlight on the garden Hardens and grows cold, We cannot cage the minute Within its nets of gold ingots, When all is told We cannot beg for excuse. Our freedom as free lances Advances towards its end; The dust compels, upon it Sonnets and... The White Race originate contained by India more or less 40 000 years ago: Is this true? False. Probably. That is the sort of Aryan myth that the Nazis and others believed, but it is not substantiated. White skin is an adaptation to higher latitude, and may have developed amongst several populations independently. The experts... To The Kiss - Feedback and critique on my poem would be most kindness!? This poem isn't one of my serious pieces of work, as I wrote it so quickly (around 5-8 minutes), but I would appreciate any feedback on it! To The Kiss. Click. When this photograph was taken Love didn't know where on... True perfection have to be imperfect...? What do you think about this vein? I think it's beautiful... (Source: http/youtube watch?v=D4JCMX5IC... =)) I meditate perfectionism is an unbearable sickness because no matter where on earth you find yourself, it is never good enough. It may be far well again to just accept yourself for who and... WITHIN your heart hang on to one still SECRET spot WHERE your dreams may GO? by LOUISE DRISCOL so what is exactly the point of this quote? Keep your dreams alive. Never let your heart believe the lie that anything is impossible. Keep it undamaging within your heart protected from the shattering jading of those... (During WWII) What's this article between Korea and Kazakhstan? http/en.wikipedia /wiki/File:WWII.p... The large blue area. Is it a province of China? I'm curious almost the area between Kazakhstan and the Soviet Union as well. The large blue areas in that region are underneath Japanese control. If it's the grey bit you are on about it... (site models) Should you ticket your self-portrait pictures to avoid getting it stolen? I'm a begginer site model and I don't really know if other site models tag their photos to keep them from getting stolen and purely give the untagged pictures to the people who 'hire' them. Thanks you probably should if you're that... (to novelists/writers) How do you get more or less choosing name for novels/stories? I'm good at choosing character/fake location/fake business names for my novels/stories, but can't for the duration of me think of a title for them. (except one out of about 5) So, how do you run about choosing names for novels/stories? Hey This... what is willpower...? Is it chemical or is it something else? The amount of power Will Smith has unsophisticatedly it's about determinism. you want to achieve something, you are determined and achieve many stages to reach it, afterwards you have will power. everyone has it. that's how so masses educated people are around - they... [ Hypothetical quiz ] I am from an alternate universe? This is not life as I know it everything in every detail have been changed as well as every outcome. How could you come to the conclusion weather or not I am describing the truth or not? In my assessment your question has sense, why... [using labels/terms] what would you describe my position as, if be to influence i dont believe any culture is....? ....innately or necessarily any better than any other, but that i do want to create a [personal] dividing line, relating to each culture's adherance to and respect for human rights, rationalism, equality until that time the... [WRITERS] - for a while questionnaire on your persona? Feeling a bit bored, and in the mood for asking random question :) 1. What's your character's name? 2. What's his/her biggest fear? 3. Does your part have a significant other? 4. What's your character's body type? 5. How would he/she react if his/her pet died?... ~Her one concluding cry... a offended free couplet.....? Hated myself For falling in This thing call love Not meant for me Believing in The words you said I give my all And dearly paid Great misery A broken soul That could not live Without its partly I saw in you All dreams come true And... 10 pts to anyone who can..? find some kind of birth record for my great grandpa myer freedman born 1883 leeds england. He is Jewish so possibly synagogue records.? I need give a hand because I can find nothing. Thank you Ancestry One would assume that in attendance would be civil birth records. As England... 10 SUMMER SCENARIOS HELP!? Okay basically i'm writing a teen novel call 10 unforgettable summers and it's 10 teenagers during there summer holidays and nearby will be make-ups and breakups etc. I have some of my ideas already but i'm running short does anyone hold any? im just giving things that will maybe be triggers... 12+ Teen Werewolf Reads? Or Paranormal Reads? Not Twilight Saga, House Of Night, Or Vampire Diary's! Or Wolves of mercy falls! I'm getting my friend a book for her birthday, she loves Paranormal Werewolf books! Try the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. Melissa de la Cruz's Blue Bloods series is good too. Good just... 12-year-old girl's birthday present help out? My cousin is about to turn 12, and I'd like to draw from her a book (because I'm a bit of a bookworm myself, and like to spread the love of books!) However, I can't really remember what kind of books I like at that age, and I had... 13. What conditions surrounded the rise of totalitarianism within Germany, Italy, and the Soviet Union? A) All the regimes re-energized weak capitalist systems. B) The regimes followed the devastation of World War I. C) Each regime, built upon a former totalitarian government. D) Each totalitarian regime arose after a revolution. Come on it aint knotty... 15 summer teen sceanrios? Okay basically i'm writing a teen novel call 15 summers and it's 15 teenagers during there summer holidays and there will be make-ups and breakups etc. I enjoy some of my ideas already but i'm running short does anyone have any? That sounds approaching a pretty good idea, you should brand... 15 year feeble jazz greenhorn? Im 14 almost 15. I used to do ballet when I was younger but give it up when I was 7. Now I really want to start it up again, I know its very unlikely someone starting at 15 would ever know how to do it for a proffession but... 15mp Normal or 8mp Fine? I have an EOS 500d with three 8gb cards and I'm looking to free some space on my memory card in case i run out while on holiday. The settings are currently at the uppermost level L (15 megapixels Fine) but i'd like opinion on which is the next best... 15th century Scotland? I would like to gather as much information something like the 15h century and early 16th century of Scotland... anything ranging from clothing, social lives/functions, keeps/castles, food/drink, customs, etc. I've search and searched but can't seem to find deeply of things for Scotland in this century. thanks contained by advance Hi have... 1841 scottish opinion poll look up please? Could somebody please look up the census return for Thomas Muir and his wife Elizabeth in the 1841 sample, they should be living in Renfrewshire with at lowest 3 children. Names, dates and places are much appreciated. Thankyou for your help. Are these the kids of Thomas Muir... 1861 Hertfordshire/Essex market research lookup please? Hello, would someone be so kind as to look up an Arthur PECK in the 1861 sample for Hertfordshire or Essex? He was from Hertford, b. around 1839, and was a stone mason. He may hold been in Hertfordshire, or he may enjoy been working near Chelmsford surrounded by... 1891 UK ballot look up please? Could someone please look up a John Wall born 1853 and his wife Grace born 1856 and family living in Staffordshire surrounded by the 1891 census. Thankyou! 1891 census.. I own the same answer except it is ARTHUR not Authur... There are also other children on the... 15 summer teen sceanrios? Okay basically i'm writing a teen novel call 15 summers and it's 15 teenagers during there summer holidays and there will be make-ups and breakups etc. I enjoy some of my ideas already but i'm running short does anyone have any? That sounds approaching a pretty good idea, you should brand...

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