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Everything You Need - Camps Bay Property Rentals By Lulie Swanepoel

I've been living overseas for the last couple of years, but when the time hade for me toe back to South Africa, I decided to stay on for longer in South Africa and opted for a property rental in Camps Bay.
Bali Penthouse
For the first two weeks back in South Africa my family stayed with me at my newly acquired Bali Penthouse. It had more than what I needed in terms of a home, and everything needed for a holiday house to accommodate a big family, with a spacious open plan lounge and dining room that overlooked the most beautiful sea views I've seen in years.
The penthouse itself had four bedrooms, en-suite bathrooms and was fully equipped with everything I needed: There was a private wooden sun deck and swimming pool from which my family and I were able to relax during the hot summer days, with the Atlantic Ocean as backdrop.
Camps Bay
It's a little known fact that if you are visiting Cape Town, then Camps Bay is the place to be! With the Twelve Apostles Mountain range as a backdrop, the Atlantic Ocean with its white, sandy, palm lined beaches as your playground and the Lion's Head Mountain peak in its majestic glory to round off the masterpiece of a gorgeous destination; it's easy to understand why.
Camps Bay was named after an invalid sailor, Ernst Friedrich von Kamptz who, after many travels, decided to settle in this Utopia for some quality rest in 1778. Since then, it has become the holiday destination for those who desperately need some serenity in their lives. This was something that I needed as well, and similar to von Kamptz, I was looking for a place of tranquillity to enjoy a well deserved holiday.
The nice thing about Camps Bay is that it is extremely close to the Cape Town city centre, so I could jump in my rented car easily and enjoy a day simply walking around in one of the world's most captivating cities. There are many coffee shops; some of the finest restaurants and of course plenty of shopping opportunities.
Table Mountain
I checked the weather forecast in search of the perfect sunshine filled, cloudless day before heading up to Table Mountain. I went early to avoid standing in long queues for hours. The way up Table Mountain was exhilarating to say the least! The cable car was in recent years replaced with some newer technology; in other words, the cable car rotates while you go up giving you the pleasure of a greater view. The girl next to me didn't seem like she enjoyed it as much as me, but it rather distracts you from realising how high you are hanging in the air. After walking around for a bit I settled for an early lunch at the restaurant with a view unlike any other. Before heading down again I walked around for a couple of hours, using the "alone time" to simply breath in some fresh air and think about life in general while sitting on top of this Magnum Opus of nature.
La Med soon became one of my favourite spots in Camps Bay. It is one of the ocean -side venues and it has a laidback atmosphere, with very good cocktails and is the ideal spot for sundowners. It's a real beach bar, and after spending the day on the beach, I'd meet some friends there, while still dressed in my bikini and not having to worry that I was dressed improperly. The set up is casual and allowed me to meet a couple of really nice people there, some of which I have become quite good friends with.
On days when I just wanted to relax completely, I didn't even need to leave thefort of my home. The penthouse had everything I needed and with such views, it was the perfectly adequate way to find that quietness that everybody might need. Yet I was still right there in the middle of one of the most "happening" places that had only the best to offer of South African entertainment, I even experienced a shark cave dive where I came face-to-face with the Great White. There's nothing better than finding a place that offers both serenity and adventure all at once, and this is exactly what Cape Town, and Camps Bay in particular meant to me.
Author Bio
capsol Capsol specialises in self catering and vacation rentals in and around the city of Cape Town, South Africa, including capsol /camps-bay Camps Bay Property Rentals.
Lulie_Swanepoel Lulie_Swanepoel
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