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Weekend To Remember

Weekend To Remember

By - Sep 24, 2007 - From lesbian-erotic- stories. Lesbian stories - Views - 18928 Julie's Invitation: When Carrie next found herself in Julie's apartment, it was clear to both women that their relationship had been irreversibly transformed during Carrie's last visit. No longer was it possible for Carrie to doubt her craving for the sensual pleasures to which Julie had introduced her. As for Julie, she had always enjoyed teaching young women to expand their sexual horizons, and she now knew that in Carrie she had a most receptive pupil. Thus, soon after they were settled in her living room sipping their cups of tea, Julie broached the question which was uppermost in both their minds: what next? Coming straight to the point, Julie pulled her chair so that she was staring Carrie in the face and asked, "Carrie, are you ready to bare the lower half of your body for me?" Abrupt as her question was, it came as no surprise to Carrie. After all, Carrie had already given Julie freer reign over her upper body than she had ever granted anyone else, so why should she not now give her access to her lower body? Clearly, aside from her residual resistance to confront her own lesbian predilections, there was no reason for her to deny Julie equal access to that portion of her anatomy specifically designed for sexual gratification. With these considerations still flashing through her mind, Carrie demurely lowered her head and, after a few moments, said, in a trembling voice, "Yes, I think that I am." Pleased by Carrie's answer, Julie leaned back and asked Carrie to uncover her body from the waist down, leaving her upper body clothed. At first this request struck Carrie as strange, but, having learned to trust Julie's judgment, she rose from her chair and removed all the clothes below her waist. When she had done so, Julie beckoned her to come closer and stand so that their knees touched and Carrie's naked belly and crotch were available for Julie's inspection. For a little while, Julie contented herself with visual appreciation of the image before her. Like a connoisseur savoring a glass of fine wine, she drank in the expanse of smooth skin covering Carrie's slightly rounded lower belly and savored the soft flesh padding on her pubic region and upper thighs. Soon unable to resist temptation further, she reached forward to run her hands over the delicious contours of Carrie's pelvis and palpate the succulent flesh of her buttock. Sensing Carrie's nervous response to her explorations, especially those in the neighborhood of her vulva, Julie quickly placed her hands on the points of Carrie's pelvis and pushed her back a couple of steps. Then, with an indulgent smile, Julie said "Carrie, it is not my intention to offend. I sympathize with your reservations about having another woman handle the most intimate parts of your body and suggest that you sit back down." Obviously relieved, Carrie took Julie's advise and returned to her chair. However, no sooner did she resume her seat than she was overcome by intense embarrassment about the exposure of her nether regions which sitting entailed. Namely, short of crossing her legs, there was no way of her not displaying her entire pubic area when she sat down, and, after she herself had bared the region in question, crossing her legs was a ridiculous option. Thus, with a self-conscious blush on her face, Carrie took her seat and, as if to demonstrate her resolve, left her legs sufficiently spread that Julie had an unobstructed view of her vulva. After several minutes in this position, Carrie began to understand Julie's wish that she remain covered from the waist up. By baring only her lower body, she had focused attention on that region in a way which total nakedness would have diffused. As she soon realized, there was something excitingly obscene about sitting as she was, chastely clothed from the waist up and blatantly exposed from the waist down. Added to this was the fact that another woman was making no pretense about the enjoyment that this exposure was affording her. Indeed, Julie was doing nothing to conceal the pleasure which she derived from letting her eyes rove over the hills and valleys of Carrie's naked lower body. Further, after giving her target a thorough inspection, Julie began discussing some of the many sensual techniques to which she would enjoy introducing Carrie's bottom half. Perhaps out of respect for Carrie's continued modesty, Julie began by talking about things that she would like to do with Carrie's belly. "Do you remember your second visit to my apartment, the one on which your belly had to bear the brunt of my attentions? I very much want to teach you how important a role your tummy can play in your sensual life. Because of the demands made on it during pregnancy, the female stomach is among the most malleable parts of a woman's anatomy and, once it has been properly trained, can be a source of great sensual satisfaction." Carrie had no trouble recalling the evening when Julie had worked on her stomach, and her memories caused a visible tremor in her naked lower belly. Yes, she had found pleasure in having Julie manipulate her tummy and belly button, but she also remembered that her pleasure had come at some cost. It took several days for her stomach to fully recover from the probing to which Julie had subjected it, and she was not at all sure that she was ready for it to endure what promised to be a much more protracted and thorough probing. Anticipating Carrie's concerns, Julie rose and came over to the side of Carrie's chair, where she knelt and brought the palm of her hand to rest against the bulge just below Carrie's navel. Then, applying nearly no pressure, she lovingly ran her hand over and around the inverted bowl of Carrie's lower belly. As her hand glided over the skin covering Carrie's firm tummy, Julie started telling Carrie more details about what she had in mind. "Your belly has a lovely shape and is a pleasure to caress. However, if you are to realize its full potential, you must submit to having it trained. Sexual experience at its best must involve contrast, and the role that I plan for your tummy is to provide that contrast. Surely you remember the way I alternated between soothing and rough handling of your breasts. "Well, when I am stimulating your nether regions, I want your stomach to be available for the rough treatment. In order to maximize the potency of what I will do to your stomach, your stomach has to be first prepared, and the best preparation is rigorous exercise. A woman's belly is most susceptible to stimulation when its muscles had been worked repeatedly for several days in advance and, as a result, are sore enough to be acutely aware of whatever demands are being made on them. "Thus, for example, had your tummy been properly prepared, even the gentle massage it is now receiving could produce highly erotic sensations. However, if you want to experience those sensations, you will have to accept and diligently adhere to the exercise regime which I prescribe for you." Carrie was not averse to exercise. Throughout her school and college years she had done a lot swimming, and since graduation she had gone regularly to a health club where she kept her body toned with aerobic classes and occasional weight training. Furthermore, she enjoyed the state of physical exhaustion in which her exercise routine left her body. Nonetheless, Julie's proposal did not immediately appeal to her. Although the mild soreness she sometimes felt after overtaxing her muscles was a source of pleasure, akin to that of a child worrying a loose tooth, she balked at the idea of exercising her tummy for the express purpose of making it sore. When she made her reservations known to Julie, Julie offered to give Carrie a sample of the sort of thing that she would want to do with her stomach, an offer which Carrie accepted with some trepidation. Rising to her feet, Julie took several solid pillows off of her sofa and piled them in a neat stack on the floor next to Carrie's chair. She then invited Carrie to drape herself backwards over the pillows, with her buttock resting on the center of the top pillow and her legs and shoulders hanging off opposite sides of the stack. When she had taken the requested position, Julie folded each of Carrie's legs back at the knee until her feet pressed against the pillows and her lower body was balanced on her toes. In this position, Carrie's stomach was stretched into a flat plane broken only by a ridge of tightly drawn muscle running from her navel to the muff of her pubic hair. Sitting herself cross-legged at Carrie's side, Julie ran a hand along this ridge, stopping every few inches to test its firmness by pressing her fingers into its sides. When she had familiarized herself with the terrain, Julie told Carrie "Because your tummy has not been prepared ahead of time, I will begin by making it tender by means other than exercise. For this purpose, I will to slap it until its entire surface has become sensitive to the slightest touch." She then placed the heels of both her hands on the edge of Carrie pelvis and started slapping Carrie tummy with her hands. Each slap was quite light, but, much to Carrie dismay, Julie did not stop after a few slaps, and, after she had continued for several minutes, Carrie felt as if her belly were on fire and began to wonder how much more she could stand, especially when Julie concentrated more and more of her attention on the rock hard ridge which seemed particularly vulnerable to her attack. Indeed, every time that Julie's hand struck there, the muscles beneath exerted a tug, as if Julie were strumming an elastic band which had been stretched from Carrie's navel to her pubis. Carrie had to admit that this tugging sensation was not altogether unpleasant, but, by the time that Julie finally relented, she was more than ready to have her stop. After delivering her final slap, Julie crawled to where she could take Carrie's head in her hands and, whispering words of endearment, kissed her flushed face while assuring her that the pain she had endured would be amply compensated by the pleasure she would now receive. She then left Carrie dangling long enough to fetch a hair brush, which, on her return, she carefully placed, bristles down, on the bulge beneath Carrie's navel. Resuming her seat on the floor, Julie put one hand on the brush and the other on the soft flesh covering of Carrie's inner thigh, just below her vulva. Telling Carrie to "Focus your mind on the sensations it will be receiving, " Julie used her hands to play Carrie's body the way a musician plays an instrument. Moving her hands in unison, she stroked the flesh along Carrie's upper thighs at the same time as she gently brushed the reddened surface of her lower belly. From the outset, Carrie was transported into a domain of sensuality which she had sometimes imagined but never visited before. Reading the signs of Carrie's arousal, when Julie saw her labia begin to swell and the mouth of her vagina open, she moved her hand up Carrie's thigh until her thumb was resting against the bud of Carrie's clitoris. Overwhelmed with the sensations coursing through her body, Carrie lifted herself onto her toes in an attempt to play a more active role in the delivery of her own torment. Employing all her skills, Julie brought Carrie to a peak of sexual excitement and, by modulating the strength with which she was applying the brush to Carrie's tender stomach and her thumb to her clitoris, kept Carrie suspended there for several minutes before she collapsed into a blissful orgasm. Returning to Carrie's head, Julie waited for her to recover before grasping her under the arms and helping her into a sitting position on her throne of pillows. When she saw that Carrie was beginning to emerge from her post-orgasmic daze, Julie reminded her that what she had just experienced was only a sample of the techniques which could be used on her lower body. In particular, she claimed that, "Had your tummy been prepared in the manner I have suggested, it could have played a much more significant part in your arousal. Instead of the brush, I would have used my hands and fingers to dig into the line of muscles which form the delectable ridge along which I applied the brush, manipulating it in a way which would produce a greatly augmented version of the tugging sensation you felt while your tummy was being slapped. "Not only would the resulting sensations be more satisfying, but their duration could be protracted nearly indefinitely, and, especially in conjunction with stimulation of your vulva, could give pleasure beyond anything you have known. However, the decision is yours: are you willing to submit to the preparations in order to gain the rewards?" Seeing that Carrie needed time to make her decision and not wanting to her decision to be made without due consideration, Julie proposed that Carrie go home and sleep on it. If she decided that she wanted to go ahead, she should return the following evening to have Julie start training her stomach. Otherwise, Julie told her that, although they would remain friends, she would assume that Carrie had chosen to not have Julie continue expanding her sexual repertoire. As a warning that she not make her decision lightly, Julie warned Carrie that if she chose to accept, she should anticipate having very sore stomach muscles for the duration of their training. Carrie Has Her Tummy Trained: Even as she left Julie's apartment, Carrie knew that she would be returning the next evening. In spite of, or perhaps partly because of, Julie's warning, she was excited by the idea of ceding to Julie the control over her tummy which her warning had implied she would demand. Her conviction only increased when she got back home and examined the trace of pink which Julie's slaps had left on her belly and remembered how exciting it had been to know that Julie, not herself, would determine how many slaps it would receive. Certainly, having Julie determine how long and how hard her abdominal muscles were to work would be even more exciting. On the other hand, excited as she was by these thoughts, her excitement was tinged with fear about what Julie would require of her. Based on the experience she had had when Julie trained her breasts, she knew that there would be no turning back once Julie started on her tummy. Thus, it was with mixed emotions that, on the following evening, she donned her workout clothes and returned to Julie's apartment. When she entered Julie's living room, Carrie saw that Julie had rearranged her furniture so that only a low coffee table stood in the middle. Taking Carrie by the hand, Julie led her to the table and asked her to stand with her arms raised over her head. Julie then removed Carrie's shirt, but left her bra covering her breasts. Next, she inserted a cloth band into the right side of Carrie's shorts, pushed it through until it emerged below, and then tied it into a loop. After she had repeated the same procedure on the right, she adjusted the loops until the covering Carrie's pants afforded her lower belly was effectively the same as that provided by a bikini bottom. That is, when Julie had finished, Carrie's belly was left bare, from the bottom of her bra to the dip just above her pubis. Reaching her hand forward to stroke the smooth curves of Carrie's tummy, Julie looked Carrie in the eye and said, "Enjoy the comfort that your stomach muscles now feel because that comfort will be denied them until I have finished with them, and, even then, you will continue to feel the aftereffects of what I am going to make them do. Namely, for the next half hour, I am going to force your abdominal muscles to work without respite. The intensity of that work will vary from extreme to relatively mild. However, at no time will they be permitted com complete relaxation." So saying, she bade Carrie lie down with her back on the table. Because the table was too short to accommodate her whole body, Carrie realized that either her head and shoulders or her legs would have to hang off one end or the other, and she decided that she would prefer that it be her legs which would be the unsupported portion of her body. However, this was not Julie's preference, and so, no sooner had Carrie assumed a prone position on the table than Julie instructed her to move so that it was her head and shoulders which were left dangling. To com complete her preparations, Julie lifted Carrie shoulders high enough to shove a soft towel between her shoulder blades and the edge of the table, thereby preventing the table from digging into her back. Once she had Carrie positioned as she wanted, Julie sat herself on the floor next to Carrie's feet, grasped her ankles in her hands, and told Carrie to lock her hands behind her neck, bring her head into the same plane as the rest of her body, and hold it there. Being accustomed to doing sit-ups, Carrie had no trouble lifting her head to the required level. On the other hand, keeping it there was an entirely different matter. Indeed, after a few seconds, all her abdominal muscles began to complain, and, after half a minute, the muscles in her lower belly were trembling. Seeing Carrie's distress, Julie gave her permission to relieve, or at least vary, the tension in her muscles by bobbing her head up and down. Although acting on Julie's suggestion did nothing to reduce the fatigue of her muscles, Carrie did find that it distracted her from the burning sensation emanating from the muscles in her lower belly. Nonetheless, by the end of one and a half minutes, Julie saw that Carrie was on the verge of collapse and told her that she could let her head drop to the floor. As soon as the back of Carrie's head touched the floor, Julie lifted her legs in the air, and, when she had them vertical, told Carrie that she was allowed to move them any way she wished so long as she kept them straight and suspended. Julie's instructions left Carrie in a quandary. As she immediately realized, these instructions were designed to deprive her abdomen of com complete relaxation while it was recovering from its struggle to keep her head off the ground. But how was she to maximize her relief? As she well knew from doing leg lifts, she certainly did not want to let her legs drop out of the vertical plane above her hips. Thus, she experimented to see whether any relief would result from spreading her legs to form a vertical V. What she discovered is that, although spreading them provided some relief to her stomach muscles, it put considerable strain on the muscles in her groin. When she attempted to relieve this strain by bending her legs at the knee, Julie admonished her for her lapse and punished her by grabbing the stretched tendons along her inner thigh and squeezing them until she straightened legs again. Resigned to her predicament, Carrie learned that the best way for her to comply with Julie's demands was to keep her legs moving, bringing them together for short periods to relieve her groin and then spreading them to relieve her tummy. Pleased by Carrie's resignation to her fate, Julie moved to the side of the table and placed her palms on the tense surface of Carrie's belly. Gently rubbing the hard muscles beneath, Julie commiserated with Carrie about the pain she was enduring. "Poor Carrie. Her tummy muscles are already sore and their travail has only just begun." She accompanied her words with a closer examination of the muscles in question. Probing with her fingers, she squeezed the individual stands running along Carrie's belly from her waist down to her crotch. Although her squeezing heightened Carrie's awareness of their fatigue, it did so in a surprisingly pleasurable way. Indeed, as Julie had predicted, having her abdominal muscles strummed while under tension produced the same erotic tugging sensation as Carrie had experienced when Julie slapped her tummy on her previous visit, only this time the sensation was much more penetrating. Now the sensation was not only on the tendons of her crotch but also deep inside, on the tendons supporting her uterus and the muscular sheath surrounding her vagina. In fact, after a while, Carrie realized that her vagina was contracting in the way it did when she was approaching orgasm. However, she knew that orgasm was out of the question and that she had better simply savor whatever pleasure she was granted without anticipating the satisfaction of a climax. With the help of the distraction provided by Julie's intervention, Carrie managed to keep her legs in the air for seven minutes, but she was unable to keep them there longer and, with tears in her eyes, begged Julie to let her lower them. When this happened, Julie rose to her feet, resumed her grip on Carrie's ankles, and guided her legs back down toward table. However, when she had them approximately half way down, she stopped. Still holding Carrie's legs by the ankles, Julie told Carrie that she would help her hold her legs up but that she would insist that Carrie continue doing most of the work. Shifting her grip so that her hands circled Carrie's feet at their arches, Julie pushed forward until Carrie's legs were bent so that her knees were above her chest and her heels above her buttock. Julie then let go of Carrie's feet, forcing her stomach muscles back to work. With her legs bent, it was much easier for Carrie to keep her legs up. Nonetheless, after several minutes, she felt her muscles begin the fail and again begged Julie for relief. Julie's response was to first put her hand under the Achilles tendons at the back of Carrie's ankles and then permit Carrie to rest her feet on her hands. Unfortunately for Carrie, the relief Julie's hands provided was far less than Carrie wanted. Each time that Julie decided that Carrie was putting too much weight on her hands, she removed her hands, thereby transferring the burden of holding her legs back onto Carrie's abdominal muscles. Thus, Carrie, in spite of her desire to rest her stomach muscles, had to exercise great care when using the diabolically ephemeral perch provided by Julie's hands. Nonetheless, the support she got from Julie's hands enabled Carrie to keep her legs in their partially bent position for a full twelve minutes, leaving approximately ten minutes before the torment of her abdominal muscles would come to an end. Much to Carrie's relief, when Julie guided her legs back to the table, she grabbed Carries hands and pulled her to her feet before joining her on the table top. Standing inches in front of Carrie, Julie instructed Carrie to make her stomach as hard as she could and placed her hands on its surface. Strong as Carrie's abdominal muscles were, her stomach retained a succulent femininity. In particular, although her muscles were well defined, especially after being taxed as they had been, they were covered by a pleasing layer of warm, soft flesh. Thus, when Julie pressed her finger into Carrie's tummy, it sank nearly a quarter inch before encountering the rock hard plane of muscle beneath. Keeping her finger pressed into Carrie's abdomen, Julie looked into Carrie's face and warned her that any slackness in her pose would be punished. For Carrie, doing her best to satisfy Julie, minute after painful minute ticked by. When, for an instant, Carrie let her stomach relax, Julie responded by immediately digging her finger deep into Carrie's belly, forcing Carrie to re-tighten her muscles around the finger embedded in them, and only relenting after Carrie had endured the penetration of her belly for several seconds. By the end of the pre-ordained half hour, tears of pain and exhaustion were running down Carrie's cheeks and sweat coated her entire torso. Ignoring the tears and sweat, Julie clasped Carrie's limp body to her own and, kissing her face, congratulated her for having com completed the first stage of her training. Shaken by Julie's emphasis that this had been only the first stage, Carrie asked "You mean there is more?" to which Julie replied that indeed there was. Still hugging Carrie, Julie explained that for the rest of the week she wanted Carrie to return each evening for further training. However, she assured Carrie that the succeeding lessons would be less physically demanding than the one she had just had. Specifically, all that Julie would require is that she spend ten minutes performing various abdominal exercises. Although these sessions would be easier physically, Julie cautioned Carrie to expect them to equally psychologically trying. Indeed, she predicted that Carrie's tummy would be very sore and that its soreness would do nothing but increase after each visit. As a result, Carrie would be increasingly reluctant to return. Thus, it was essential that Carrie keep in mind the reward which awaited her. Namely, when she came back on Saturday, Julie would spend the weekend introducing her to a world of sexual excitement to which all her soreness was winning her entry. As Carrie learned when she tried to get up the next morning, Julie's prediction about the state of her tummy was more than accurate. Every muscle in her abdomen was so sore that she suffered each time that she moved. No previous muscular exhaustion approached what her stomach was experiencing. Never had she realized how essential a role abdominal muscles play. Thus, much as she tried to avoid using them, every move sent a spike a pain through her belly. As she discovered when she at last made her way to the bathroom, she could not even relieve her bladder without using her stomach muscles, and moving her bowels was still worse. Nonetheless, having survived Julie's initial training lesson, Carrie was determined to com complete the course. Knowing now how Julie wanted her attired, Carrie wore bikini panties when she returned for her remaining training sessions at Julie's apartment. As Julie had promised, these were less grueling than the first one had been. Stripped to her bra and panties, Carrie lay on Julie's coffee table performing under Julie's watchful eye. For the most part, the exercises Julie prescribed were conventional. After starting with standard sit-ups for a couple of minutes, Julie made Carrie spend the rest of the ten minutes balanced on her buttocks with her shoulders and legs off the table, and, as long as Carrie kept her shoulders and arms raised, she gave Carrie freedom to adjust her position any way that she wished. Although there was no position in which Carrie could reduce the strain on her abdominal muscles, this freedom did afford her some relief and made it possible for her to endure the burning pain in her lower belly. As the week progressed, Carrie reluctance to subject her tummy to further punishment increased but was assuaged by her fierce desire to collect her reward. A Weekend at Julie's: Assuming that her need for clothing would be minimal, in preparation for her weekend at Julie's Carrie put only a skirt and sweater along with her toilet articles into a small suitcase. She then pampered her tired body in a scented, warm bubble bath, taking particular care to remove all unsightly hair from her underarms and legs. While she was soaking beneath the bubbles, she let her mind drift. Not surprisingly, her thoughts centered on anticipation of what experiences awaited her body. She now knew enough about Julie's methods to be certain that both her body and her mind would be taxed. Normally, this certainty might have diminished her enthusiasm, but her trust of Julie had grown so strong that her fear now seemed to act as an aphrodisiac which only increased her excitement. Rising from her bath, she carefully dried, and, standing in front of her bathroom mirror, covered her warm, pink flesh with a thin layer of powder. Before leaving the mirror, she spent a long time brushing her hair before gathering into a ponytail. Finally, she went into her bedroom, where she chose a simple cotton dress and sandals to cloth her otherwise naked body. Clothed and packed for the weekend, Carrie put on a coat, left her apartment, and headed out for her weekend at Julie's. When Carrie arrived at Julie's apartment, she was a little flustered. What were the rules of etiquette governing appropriate behavior in such a situation? She had come as a weekend guest, but Emily Post had not anticipated a weekend visit of the sort on which she was embarking. Thus, Carrie was grateful that Julie seemed to know exactly how to proceed. After helping her remove her coat, Julie complimented Carrie on her attire and led her into the living room, where she sat herself on the couch and invited Carrie to join her by patting the place next to her. When Carrie was seated at her side, Julie explained that the whole weekend lay before them and that there was no need to rush. On the contrary, her intention was to move at a pace which would enable Carrie to fully appreciate every nuance of what was being done to her body. As if to emphasize her point, Julie said that, for moment, the only articles of clothing which she wanted Carrie to remove were her sandals. When Carrie had done so, Julie told her to re-seat herself so that she was sitting on her haunches, with her legs bent and splayed on either side. Carrie was sufficiently flexible to assume this position with no difficulty, and, because of the cushioning provided by the couch, her only problem in maintaining it came from the demands it made on her sore abdominal muscles. Shifting her own position to give her greater access to Carrie's body, Julie ran her hand over Carrie's front, molding her dress to her torso and enjoying the firm contours beneath. When her hand reached the hem of Carrie's dress, it burrowed under the folds and followed Carrie's thigh up to her vulva. As her hand was reaching its destination, Julie told Carrie that she was to flatten her tummy and remain absolutely still. Then, using only one finger, Julie began to stroke the narrow crease between Carrie's labia. It did not take long before Carrie's breathing became a sequence of gasps. As soon as this happened, Julie, speaking in a quiet but seductive voice, said, "What I am doing is bringing you into blossom. That is, as I continue, the petals of your vulva will open and spread, and, when this happens, my finger will glide over the nectar coated surface which hides below. During the weekend, you will be brought into blossom frequently. Between blossomings, your secretions will seal your labia shut, and so, depending on your state of arousal when I begin, the procedure may take quite a while. However, I am sure that, like a flower, your vulva will enjoy having its petals opened as much as I will enjoy opening them." By the time that Julie finished talking, it had become impossible for Carrie to remain still. At first she was able to satisfy her need to move by throwing her head back and twisting it from side to side. However, as her labia opened and Julie's finger ran along the silky surfaces at the entrance to her vagina, Carrie's lower body began to respond on its own. Initially, its response was limited to her pelvic region, which spread and thrust forward in an obvious attempt to give Julie greater access to her target. However, the trusting of her pelvis soon led to the involvement of her entire lower body, which began undulating in a series of bumps and grinds which would have made a belly dancer blush. When this occurred, Julie expressed her displeasure, "Carrie, if your body is going to get the full benefit of my efforts, you must discipline it to follow my instructions. At the moment, your body is to be receptive but otherwise passive. In order to help you remember, I want you to hold up the hem of your dress so that your tummy is bare and available for punishment should your attention lapse." Julie's words cut through the dreamy, erotic haze which had enveloped Carrie's mind, and, without hesitation she straightened her back and reached down to pull up her dress until it was bunched just beneath her breasts. Now that her belly was bare, Julie could monitor its shape much more closely, and each time that Carrie allowed her tummy to assume a more relaxed curve, Julie would poke it until she to flattened it again. Sometimes her poke was administered with a finger or thumb, but when Julie decided that a more penetrating method was required she would close her hand into a fist which she would press deep into the center of Carrie's already tender abdomen. Throughout, Julie's insidious caress of Carrie vulva's continued, and at the end of ten minutes Carrie began to understand and appreciate the meaning of Julie's words. Namely, it became easy for her to imagine her body had become a flower which must rely on a bee to open its petals and extract its nectar. Frustrating as Julie's teasing was, Carrie was resigned to the passive role which she had been assigned and learned that there was enormous satisfaction in allowing another person to exercise control over ones most intimate sexual functions. Thus, when the finger was withdrawn from her labia, rather than feeling relief, she was overwhelmed by a sense of deprivation. However, Julie quickly distracted her by announcing that, although she would not be brought back into blossom for a while, her vagina was to have visitors. Reaching over to a small table next to her, Julie held up a pair of solid looking metallic balls attached together by a string and told Carrie that she was going to insert these balls into her vagina and have her hold them there for the rest of the day. Although Carrie knew that they existed, she had never imagined having a pair of ben-wa balls inside her, much less kept there for several hours. Nonetheless, with Julie's guidance, she rearranged her body to receive the balls. First Julie had her turn around, so that Carrie's head hung off the front of the couch, her back lay on a seat cushion, and her legs bent over its back. Then, grabbing her by the ankles, Julie hoisted her up until her back lay against the back of the couch, her shoulders bore most of her weight, and her legs were left bicycling in the air. Finally, pushing on the backs of her calves, Julie curled Carrie into an upside down squat, with her buttock the highest point on her body. Julie then went to the front of the couch and spread Carrie legs a little to com completely expose her vulva. Holding it with her fingertips, she pressed the first ball against the entrance of Carrie's vagina until it disappeared into Carrie's interior. Running her hands along the smooth flesh of Carrie's upper thighs and buttock, Julie coaxed Carrie to absorb the ball deeper into her body. Because of her inverted position, Carrie had gravity on her side, and that, combined with the copious secretions which her "blossoming" had produced, enabled her to draw the ball down all the way to her cervix. Giving Carrie a little time to adjust to the presence of the first ball, Julie introduced the second ball and had Carrie work her vaginal muscles to bring it into contact with the first ball. With the two balls embedded in her vagina, Carrie initially felt a pleasurable sensation of fullness similar to that she had experienced during intercourse. On the other hand, this was quite different. During intercourse, her body instinctively knew what to do, and her hips and pelvis responded accordingly. But what was expected of it now was not clear. Fortunately, Julie once again seemed to have no doubts. Peering down between Carrie's thighs to look into her upturned face, Julie told Carrie that she was to simply stay as she was, enjoying the weight of the balls in vagina, until her secretions dried sufficiently to seal her labia closed so that when she rose the balls would be securely encased inside. She then tidied up in the area of Carrie's crotch, with particular attention to the pubic hair, which she pushed to either side so that it would not interfere with the sealing process. Julie then went into her bathroom and returned with a portable hair dryer which, after turning it on and adjusting it to its lowest heat setting, she directed at Carrie's gaping labia. Julie paid close attention to her task. Because of Carrie's aroused state, it took quite a while for the dryer to have its desired effect. However, Julie was patient, and, when she saw Carrie's secretions at last start to congeal, she used her fingers to monitor Carrie's sealing. Working like a fine pastry chef, she made sure that the initial sealing took place at the entrance of Carrie's vagina and proceeded from there outwards. Then, as Carrie's secretions hardened into a viscous glue, Julie, using a thumb and index finger, pressed shut the puckered purse formed by Carrie's outer labia, thereby guaranteeing that the gate to Carrie's vagina would be firmly closed. Finally, when she was satisfied that Carrie was properly sealed, she turned off the hair dryer and, using her index finger, drilled a small hole down to Carrie's urethra so that she could relieve her bladder without disturbing the seal. Having com completed Carrie's sealing, Julie patted Carrie on her upturned buttock before helping her right herself into a normal sitting position and pull the skirt of her dress back down over her legs. Then, after smoothing the rumples out of Carrie's dress, Julie suggested that Carrie relax for a few minutes while she prepared them some tea. During Julie's absence, Carrie assessed her state, with particular attention to the ben-wa balls embedded inside her. She had noticed that, in the transition from her inverted to her upright position, the direction in which gravity pulled the balls had reversed, so that instead of pressing against her cervix they were now being pulled in the opposite direction. However, other than this change and the continuous, but subtle, pressure which they exerted against the walls of her vagina, she was somewhat disappointed that, since their installation, the presence of the ben-wa balls had been barely perceptible. Nonetheless, sitting, as she was, like some utterly conventional, bourgeois lady paying an afternoon call on a shopping companion, she could not suppress a smile each time she acknowledged the difference between her demure appearance on Julie's couch and the reality of her visit. In fact, when Julie returned with their tea and asked Carrie what she had been thinking about, Carrie revealed the source of her amusement to Julie, who not only shared her amusement with the irony of their afternoon tete-a-tete but decided that it would be fun to develop it further. Namely, she proposed that, after finishing their tea, they go on a shopping excursion together. For Carrie the idea of going out shopping with only a cotton dress covering her body and a pair of ben-wa balls rattling around inside was a little daunting. Wholly aside from her relative nudity, she worried about the possibility of the balls starting to descend and ending up dropping on the floor between her feet. When she told Julie her concern, Julie said that having to keep the balls in place would be part of the fun and assured her that, even if the seal on her labia began to break down, her vaginal muscles were up to the challenge. To test the resilience of the seal, Julie encouraged Carrie to go the bathroom and see that she could empty her bladder without dislodging the balls. As Julie predicted, when Carrie returned from the bathroom, some of her concern had dissipated and she agreed to join Julie on a shopping expedition, although her enthusiasm was diminished when Julie explained the purpose of their shopping. Namely, standing behind the couch, Julie leaned over Carrie's shoulder, opened several of the buttons on her dress, and pulled the top of her dress aside to bare her breasts. She then applied her fingers to the tips of Carrie's nipples until they stood out like hard little pegs at the centers of her breasts. After making them as hard as she could get them, Julie told Carrie that she would make sure that her nipples remained visible while they were shopping and announced that "the goal of our shopping trip will be the enhancement and stimulation of your breasts. In particular, we will begin by buying a pair of nipple shields which, after I have attached them, will prevent your nipples from relaxing." A Trying Shopping Trip: Still uncertain, but not knowing how to refuse, Carrie gave her tacit agreement and headed out with Julie. As they walked along in the early spring weather, Carrie was acutely aware of the movement of her dress against her erect nipples and the subtle shifting of the balls lodged deep inside her vagina. Although the prominence of her nipples caused her some embarrassment, her real concern was about her ability to keep the balls safely inside. After they had gone a couple of blocks, she felt them start to drop and told Julie that she was afraid that the carefully constructed seal was about to be breached, with disastrous consequences. In response, Julie led Carrie into a narrow alley between two brick buildings and had her stand so that she could lean with her head and shoulder blades against a wall. She then grasped Carrie's buttocks and pulled her hips forward until her body assumed a gentle arc. Placing a hand on Carrie's belly, Julie next instructed Carrie to draw the balls back inside herself by contracting her inner muscles. At first Carrie's efforts were somewhat disorganized and, if anything, seemed to have the opposite of the desired effect. Seeing Carrie's frustration, Julie applied pressure with her hand to guide Carrie and help her to find the muscles which would produce the required contractions. In addition to her hand, she quietly told Carrie, "You must learn how to use your inner musculature so that your vagina, and even your uterus, become organs over which you have control. There is no more reason for the balls to drop out of your vagina than there would be for them to drop if you were holding them in your hands. If we have to stop again, I will punish your tummy for your lack of control." She then added, somewhat sternly, "you can avoid punishment by keeping your inner muscles at work, and that is what I expect you to do." Once Carrie's crisis had passed, Julie gave her a little time to savor her new-found powers while continuing to stroke her proffered belly and occasionally letting her hand slip down to the region around the apex of her pelvic bone, which was clearly delineated under the thin material of her dress. However, as soon as she was certain that Carrie would be able to continue their walk, Julie pulled Carrie's body flat against her own, bestowed a warm kiss on her lips, and smoothed her disheveled hair before leading her back to the sidewalk. Within a block, they arrived at the drugstore at which Julie knew she could buy the nipple shields she had promised and where she knew that there was a bathroom in which she could attach them. After browsing through the selection available, she chose a simple set consisting of two circular disks made out of a pliable plastic material. Once she had paid for them, Julie led Carrie to the bathroom where, after locking the door, she opened Carrie dress and lowered it until the upper half was bunched around her waist. She then turned Carrie so that she could see herself in the mirror over the washbasin and, standing in back of her, reached under her arms so that she could fondle her breasts. For a few minutes, Julie teased Carrie's nipples to bring them to maximum erection. Then, when she had them the way she wanted, she cupped one breast in her left hand while attaching the nipple shield with her right. The way these shields were designed, the nipple poked through a perforated opening in the center of the disk and was captured by a collar of flexible plastic shards which the nipple had displaced as it passed through. Because of its fully erect state, Julie had to coax the distended stalk through the hole and then make sure that it was centrally seated and held firmly in its collar, a procedure which entailed a good deal of pulling and occasional pricking of Carrie's already excited teat. However, when Julie had finished, Carrie understood what she had accomplished: until it was released, her nipple would remain rigidly erect, with the result that, even covered by her dress, it would be prominently displayed and constantly available for further stimulation. This latter realization was immediately confirmed when, after getting both shields in place, Julie turned Carrie around, so that her buttock pressed against the edge of the sink, and ran her the tip of tongue back and forth over the tips of Carrie's trapped nipples while, simultaneously, running her fingers along the V presented to her by Carrie's crotch. After a couple of minutes, Julie continued to rub Carrie's crotch but leaned back and, with a less than kind smile on her face, whispered, "Carrie, see how your nipples have swelled and appear to be fighting their constricting collars. The beauty of the shields is that your nipples can only become harder, they can't, even after the stimulation stops, relax. As you are already aware, this means that the pressure you feel on them will be relentless and will do nothing but increase as time passes. Of course, because there will be no relief, your frustration will grow along with your nipples. "On the other hand, this frustration will be partially compensated by the effect that the excitement of your breasts will have on the rest of your body. Specifically, as you will have already discovered, the muscles in your lower belly and those surrounding your vagina and rectum respond to what is happening to your breasts and will help you maintain control over the balls which you must hold inside you. I think that you will enjoy the consequences and know that I will enjoy watching you learn to cope with them. However, we have already spent more than our fair share of time here and must move on." So saying, Julie recovered Carrie's upper body with her dress and led her back into the store. Much to Carrie's embarrassment, as they passed the checkout stand, the young man behind the register did nothing to hide his appreciation of the use to which they had put their recent acquisition. As they proceeded down the street, every male who passed turned to admire the display to which Carrie's breasts were treating him. Indeed, as she was all too well aware, with each step her breasts jiggled slightly and caused her erect nipples to trace an intriguing path along the thin material covering them. Moreover, by now her nipples were so hard that every detail of their shape was available for inspection, particularly when a puff of springtime breeze plastered her dress against her front. Thus, she was greatly relieved when Julie suggested that they take some refreshment in a dimly lit coffeehouse. Choosing a discretely hidden booth surrounded by a panel on three sides, Julie had Carrie sit next to her on the padded bench provided. When they were seated, Julie reached her hand under the table and placed it on the surface of Carrie's firm belly. Speaking in a hushed voice, she said, "I think that it time for you to exercise your tummy. As you know, the reason why I had you work it during the week was that I wanted to teach you about the sensual potential of a belly whose muscles have been properly prepared. Thus, I want you to now lift your legs and hold them straight until I give you permission to let them down. Because it is your stomach, and not your legs, which I want to exercise, you may, if you wish spread them to ease the strain on your legs. However, you are to do nothing to relieve the strain on your abdomen, whose efforts I will be monitoring with my hand." With visible reluctance, Carrie complied. She had known that her tummy would eventually be made the center of attention, but she somewhat resented its being called upon under circumstances in which she saw no possibility of being rewarded for its suffering. Nonetheless, her confidence in Julie's judgment was now com complete, and so she pushed her back against the cushion on the panel and, with a wince, lifted her feet off the floor and straightened her legs until they were grazing the bottom of the table above them. The resulting strain on Carrie's sore stomach muscles was immediate, and the appearance of their waiter to take their order did nothing to mitigate her distress. Sitting with Julie's hand on her trembling tummy, her nipples poking through her dress, her legs suspended under the table, and her eyes moist with incipient tears, she could just imagine the image that she must be presenting. Fortunately, Julie, seemingly never at a loss, murmured something about her companion being momentarily overcome and ordered them a two cups of coffee. Satisfied by Julie's explanation, the waiter departed to get their coffee. When he had gone, Julie gently patted Carrie's tummy and attempted to explain why it was being forced to suffer. "As you are learning, true sensual pleasure derives from a highly complicated mixture of intense physical and psychological stimuli. We all enjoy having our erogenous zones caressed, but we soon learn that fondling by itself has its limits, and we quickly become sated. In order to prolong our pleasure, we must spice our sexual life by introducing a variety of stimuli, some of which are explicitly erotic and others of which are more ambiguous and occasionally painful. In both cases, it is essential to involve as much of the body as possible. "At the moment, I am making your stomach suffer for two reasons. One is the pleasure it gives me to know that you are willing to subject your entire body to my will. The other is to provide you the experience of knowing that, for the duration of the weekend, you have relinquished control of your body to me and that your only responsibility is to respond to what I do to it. The response which I can feel under my hand on your belly convinces me that your body, if not your mind, understands what I am talking about." In spite of her travail, Carrie was able to absorb Julie's message and recognize the truth that it contained. In fact, at some point during its delivery, she realized that she had transcended her physical discomfort and was actually smiling through the tears in her eyes. Throwing her head back so that it rested on the top of cushion behind her and spreading her legs as wide as the table would allow, she resolved to keep her legs up for as long as Julie demanded and that, in the meantime, she would immerse herself in her own self immolation. When Julie saw the waiter returning with their coffee, she gave Carrie permission to lower her legs. By this time, perspiration glued Carrie's dress to her breasts, with the result that not only the shape of her nipples but even the flushed color of her breasts showed through their damp covering. Thus, upon his arrival, the waiter was treated to an erotically enticing view of an unmistakably excited female body, a treat of which he took full advantage by prolonging his stay as long as he could without being too obvious. When he at last left them alone, Julie ran her hand down Carrie's tummy until it reached her crotch, where she used her fingers to pull the skirt up so that her hand could rest on Carrie's taut, bare, lower belly. Massaging the flesh under her hand, Julie congratulated Carrie on her fortitude and assured her that her reward would more than compensate the pain she had endured. "After we get home, I will put your tummy to work on an entirely different project when I continue teaching you how to use your abdominal muscles to master of what is happening inside your vagina. By the time I am done, you will have learned more about your abdominal cavity than you ever suspected there was to know. You have much to look forward to, but, for now, just enjoy the anticipation of what lies ahead." Back at Julie's Place: Upon their return to Julie's apartment, Julie led Carrie into the bathroom where she removed her rumpled, damp dress and told her to take a much needed shower. During her shower, the spray striking Carrie's breasts caused the shields to wobble and tug against her nipples in a stimulating but tormenting way, reigniting her excitement, which had been waning ever since they left the coffee house. As her nipples responded, her mind returned to what Julie had said she was going to experience when they got home, particularly the part about teaching her to master her own anatomy. Thus, by the time she had finished scrubbing and rinsing her body, she was once again in a state of extreme sexual anticipation as she emerged from the shower. On hearing the shower turned off, Julie called to her from the bedroom, telling her to first dry and powder herself and then join her in the bedroom, where she had been making preparations. When she entered Julie's bedroom, Carrie was taken aback to discover that Julie had removed her own dress and was waiting for her clad in only bra and panties, both of which were semi-transparent. This was the first time that Julie had exposed her body to Carrie, who realized that she had heretofore never considered Julie's own sexuality. After assessing Julie body and mentally comparing it to her own, Carrie was a little embarrassed to catch herself imagining how Julie's naked body would feel. She saw that Julie's figure was somewhat fuller and softer than her own and wondered how it would be to have those generous breasts and hips pressed against hers. Intuiting Carrie's thoughts, Julie smiled at her and said "all in due course, but for now I have different plans." Standing behind Carrie, Julie wrapped a cloth cord around her waist and tied one end in a loose circle which was supported by her hips, leaving the other end dangling over her buttock. She then bade Carrie lie on her back in the center of the bed with her legs bent. Sitting next to Carrie's bent legs, Julie grabbed the dangling end and made a loop through which she threaded a second cord. Taking hold of one ankle at a time, she tied them to the ends of this second cord so that, after she had done tightening it, it brought Carrie's heels against her buttock and forced her bent legs to spread so that her vulva was once again thoroughly available. However, Julie was not done. Using a long cord, she ran one end around Carrie's left leg, just above her bent knee and tied it there. Taking the other end, she dropped it over the side of the bed and shoved it under the bed until it emerged on the opposite side. Shifting to Carrie's right side, she drew the cord taut against the bed frame and wrapped it around Carrie's right leg in the same way as she had her left. Although Julie left a little slack in the cord, when she was done, Carrie had no option but to remain trussed, like of bird prepared for the oven, with her legs splayed. Having secured Carrie's lower portion, Julie finished her preparations by tying Carrie's arms above her head with a cord which looped each wrist and ran around the middle post at the head of the bed. After checking her knots and making a few adjustments, Julie went to the head of the bed and, with a loving smile on her lips, looked down into Carrie's troubled face. "Carrie, my dear, I have bound you not because I intend to inflict pain but because I want to relieve you of responsibility. As you will soon learn, the pleasures to which I will introduce your body require you give me absolute control over it. At times, this requirement would be impossible to you to satisfy on your own, and asking you to attempt to do so would detract from your ability to concentrate on what your body is experiencing. Tied as you now are, the availability of your body will not be your responsibility, it will simply be a fact over which you have no control." Having given this explanation, Julie moved to a com comfortable position next to Carrie's hips and, still smiling, gave Carrie a preview of what was coming. "I will begin by bringing you back into blossom, which, in view of your present state of arousal, should not take long. However, as soon as the secretions produced by your blossoming have thoroughly coated your labia, I will stop and, over what I anticipate will be your strong objections, will force you to take a nap. Like an over-excited child, you will resent being made to nap. "Your body has been being stimulated for several hours, and it will need some time to recover in order to fully appreciate the experience which I have planned for it next. In any case, once you are reconciled to your fate, I am going to place the hair dryer so that it reseals you. You will find the breeze from the dryer on your open vulva quite distracting, particularly because I will direct it so that it continuously ruffles your pubic hair. "Nonetheless, I expect that you will learn to cope with this distraction and will eventually be able to drowse off, although I suspect that your dreams will be filled with erotic images. At the end of your nap, I will reawaken you by bringing you back into blossom, a process which, because it will require you to first break down the seal which has been created, you will find quite demanding. Be that as it may, you will later appreciate that these demands will be good preparation for later stages in your training." So saying, Julie took up a position between Carrie's splayed legs and ran a finger up and down the already damp crease between Carrie's labia. With diabolical skill, she varied her attack so that Carrie's body was denied satisfaction but was forced to respond as if orgasm were immanent. After several minutes, Carrie was twisting her head from side to side and emitting little gasps of frustration. Because her primary purpose was to make Carrie produce a sufficient flow of secretions to create of solid seal, Julie withdrew her finger as soon as she saw that Carrie's labia had opened and become saturated with her vaginal juices. With Carrie's cries of dismay and anger echoing in her ears, Julie went to fetch the hair dryer, switched it on, and carefully placed it so that it would blow a steady stream of warm air on Carrie's crotch. After making sure that the dryer would do its intended job, Julie went to the head of the bed, put a soothing hand on Carrie's forehead and, speaking as a mother would to a recalcitrant child, tried to convince her that her enforced rest was for her own good. Seeing that her words were falling on deaf ears, she leaned over to kiss away Carrie's tears and left the room, turning off the light as she went. Left alone in Julie's twilight lit bedroom, Carrie's first response was increased anger at being abandoned. Here she was, on the one hand being told to nap as if she were a child and on the other hand being forced to lie naked on her surrogate parent's bed with her legs spread and a hair dryer sealing shut the entrance to her obscenely open vagina, not to mention the erect state of her captive nipples and the presence of a pair of ben-wa balls lodged in her interior. With these facts whirling around inside her head, she was on the verge of com complete rebellion. However, in her present state, any overt act of rebellion would be futile. Thus, her only option was to express her anger in words, an option which she exercised by emitting a stream of obscenities in the direction of the door through which Julie had disappeared. However, after several minutes of invective aimed at Julie, she recognized how active a role she herself had played in creating her present circumstances and became embarrassed about her behavior. When this happened, her screams died away and were replaced by a steady snuffling resulting from the tears of frustration running down her face. Then, after an additional ten or so minutes had elapsed and her sexual arousal had subsided, her anger began to be displaced by a sense of sensual peace. As her body succumbed to this new sensation, she immersed herself in it and realized that she was taking pride in the way that her nipples had swelled and her sexual organs had responded to the demands being made on them. Only partially conscious of what she was doing, she lazily contracted her inner muscles around the balls, alternately forcing them up against her cervix and down her vaginal channel toward the seal which had begun to form. But she had engaged in this subtle form of masturbation for only a few minutes when she was overcome by exhaustion and drifted off into the dream filled sleep which Julie had predicted. Carrie's nap lasted for nearly two hours and came to an end when she became conscious of Julie's naked body pressing against her own. Finding Carrie asleep when she returned, Julie, without waking Carrie, had removed what few clothes she wore and spread her body on top Carrie's, making sure that their breasts would be nestled together and that their bellies would be press against one another. After several minutes, Carrie, stirred under the weight of Julie's body as consciousness began to return. When she felt Carrie's body shift under her own, Julie whispered that there was no rush and that she would wait until Carrie agreed that it was time to begin her next blossoming. At first Carrie said nothing while she tried to absorb and come to terms with the fact that she was now lying naked under another woman's equally naked body. To her surprise, Carrie quickly realized that she was enjoying the softness of Julie's breasts on her own and the feeling of Julie's stomach and hips pressing against her own. However, after luxuriating for several minutes in the cocoon which their bodies formed, Carrie started to get restless. During the preceding two hours, she had been dreaming about what Julie would do with her body, and she was impatient to find out if the reality would live up to her expectations. Thus, now fully awake, she whispered, "Julie, the time has come for you to make my body blossom again." Filled with joy at Carrie's words, Julie rose and untied the cord holding Carrie's wrist and the one running under the bed. Then, resting an arm on one of Carrie's bent knees and a breast against the adjacent leg, she reached her other arm around Carrie's trembling thigh and placed her fingers on the now solidly closed lips of Carrie's vulva. After testing the seal, she looked Carrie in the eye and said, "Carrie, it is you who are going to open these lips, I will do no more than reward you for your progress as you open them for me. The way that you will open them is by bearing down with your stomach and inner muscles. After a while, the seal will start to melt. When this happens, your clitoris will begin to emerge and I will stroke its stalk to help you com complete your blossoming. "At first, your body will want to withdraw your clitoris, but you must resist this response and learn to retract its protective hood so that the exquisitely sensitive nub it wants to hide remains fully available to me." Com completely committed to the task assigned her, Carrie tried to ignore the complaint of her abdominal muscles when she put them to work and bore down as Julie had instructed. For several minutes, her efforts seemed to be having no effect on her seal and to only result in a film of sweat which crept down her struggling body and eventually enveloped her entire front. During this period, Julie whispered words of encouragement and kept Carrie's mind focused on her goal by tapping a finger along the shut purse which she was trying to open. Then, just as Carrie was nearing exhaustion and had begun to doubt that she could contract her muscles again, Julie felt the first traces of vaginal juices seeping through Carrie's labia and rewarded Carrie by letting her finger slide into the crease which was opening beneath them. Once Carrie's blossoming began, further progress was rapid, and within a minute her labia had separated to reveal both the entrance to her vagina and the small hood protecting her clitoris. Working with great delicacy, Julie moved her hand so that she could shove the hood aside with her thumb and expose the stalk beneath. As Julie had predicted, Carrie instantly bucked and twisted her hips in an anguished attempt to resist this invasion of her most sensitive zone. However, Julie refused to let Carrie escape. Instead, she stilled Carrie's hips by slipping her arm into the hallow under Carrie's knees and hugging Carrie's legs against her own torso. Having regained control over the situation, she returned her fingers to Carrie's clitoris, which she now coaxed into greater prominence by rubbing her fingers up and down its stalk. As Carrie's clitoris swelled and grew, Julie instructed her half crazed tutee in a quiet but firm tone. "The female anatomy is a beautiful but complex creation, and the clitoris is among its most remarkable features. On the one hand, the clitoris has only one function, that of providing sexual stimulation. On the other hand, it is designed in such a way that realization of its full potential requires a woman submit to her clitoris to the someone else's will. Namely, because it is so well designed for its purpose, its stimulation borders on the unbearable. As a result, no woman will inflict upon herself the torment which accompanies the proper manipulation of her clitoris. "For this reason, most women never achieve the level of ecstasy of which they are capable, and so you are fortunate to have found someone who knows how to assist you. I am going to continue persecuting this lovely stalk until it has grown and swelled to its full size. Then, just when you are certain that you can stand no more, you are going to have an orgasm which you will never forget. Because you have been waiting so long, your orgasm will come in waves. In order to prolong your ecstasy, I will continue stroking your clitoris until I am certain that I have wrung from your body all the pleasure it can provide you." In her distracted state, Carrie only caught the gist of Julie's words. All that she clearly understood is that she would receive no relief until her body had performed in accordance with Julie's expectations. As Julie continued the relentless manipulation of her clitoris, Carrie found herself taking pride in its growth and did her best to keep it available for further stimulation, even when Julie started taking advantage of its length by bending it back and forth in a way that sent pulses of exquisite pain flashing through her entire body and forced a cry for pity from her mouth. Then, miraculously, as Julie relented and allowed her clitoris to assume a more normal position, the initial wave of her orgasm swept over her, releasing the enormous tension which had been pent up inside her ever since she arrived. Every muscle in her body seemed to be involved in her release as she writhed under Julie's grasp, at one point flexing her upper body off the bed and burying her tear stained face against her raised legs. Once this wave started to recede, she collapsed back and gasped her need to recover. However, she got no solace from Julie who continued to manipulate her rock hard clitoris, warning her that there was more to come and that her body would soon be gripped by another orgasm, one which would be less convulsive but equally intense. Incredulous and angry, Carrie was tempted to rebel. But, before she had had time to manifest her rebellion, she realized that her body was indeed preparing for another wave of orgasm. After this second wave had passed, Julie relaxed her hold on Carrie's knees and explained that "In spite its fatigue, your body is yet to be drained. In some ways, what you will experience next will be more satisfying than your earlier orgasms. Now that it is exhausted, your body will simply accept the stimulation which it is receiving and will continue to perform until it is drained." Thus, for a delicious quarter hour, Julie continued massaging Carrie's clitoris, occasionally evoking a small orgasm which would ripple through Carrie's body like the aftershock following an earthquake. Having never before been forced to continue responding even after she was sated, Carrie had initially tried to remove her body from Julie further assault. However, by the time Julie stopped, Carrie had lost all will to resist and was drifting into sleep before Julie withdrew her fingers from the stalk which they had been persecuting. Knowing that Carrie would need time to recuperate, Julie unhitched the cord from her ankles and gently straightened her legs so that would lie flat on the bed. She then went into the bathroom to get a washcloth and towel with which, after removing the shields which had been preventing her nipples from relaxing, she used to wipe the sweat off Carrie's face and front. Finally, before covering her with a light blanket and turning off the light, Julie carefully extracted the ben-wa balls from Carrie's vagina and left her to sleep in peace. *** Later that Night: It was well past midnight when Julie heard Carrie stir. After several hours of sleep, Carrie immediate need was to relieve herself. When Julie heard Carrie go into the bathroom, she called to her and said that she should indulge herself in a warm bath and that in the meantime she would be prepare something for them to eat. Returning to the bedroom after her bath, Carrie found a negligee lying on the bed. Assuming it was Julie's intention that she do so, she donned it and went to the mirror to see how she looked. As she suspected, the negligee hardly hid her body, and, if anything, it only enhanced what it barely covered. Staring at her image as she brushed her hair, Carrie realized that the garment molded itself to each portion of her body which it touched. This was particularly evident where it covered her breasts, whose pink aureole seemed to shine through the thin material. Further, each time she raised her arm to apply the brush, the negligee hugged itself to the curve of her waist and clung to the swell of her hips. Pleased by the effect, she continued brushing her hair while twisting her torso to find out which positions displayed her body to its best advantage, and, by the time she finished, she was fully cognizant of the alluring way in which her body was exposed. Finding Julie in the kitchen clad in a similarly revealing outfit, Carrie was forced, once again, to recognize that Julie too had a body with sexual cravings and potential. When they had sat down to eat the light meal which Julie had prepared, Carrie, just as she had earlier in the bedroom, found herself imagining Julie's body pressed against her own. Julie's body was as much on display as hers, and, as Carrie's eyes roved over its contours, she could not help again wondering how those generous breasts and succulent thighs would feel entwined with her own. Observing Carrie's face and guessing at the direction of her thoughts, Julie smiled and said, "I can see that you are appreciating my body and thinking that you might enjoy getting to know it more intimately. I am flattered and pleased by your interest and hope to satisfy it. Indeed, when we have finished eating and retire for the night, it is my plan that our bodies spend the night learning a great deal about each other." Even though she was disconcerted to have had her thoughts read so accurately and blushed at the boldness of Julie's words, Carrie could not deny that Julie's announcement excited her and made her impatient to return to Julie's bed. After clearing the table, Julie escorted Carrie into the bedroom. Having given Carrie time in the bathroom to make her customary preparations for bed, Julie revealed her plan for the night. As she explained, she had two goals. On the one hand, she wanted Carrie to have a good night's rest. On the other hand, she intended to keep Carrie's libido active. For this purpose, she asked Carrie's permission to tie her limbs loosely to the corners of the bed so that she would have to remain on her back with her legs sufficiently spread that her vulva would be continuously available for whatever attentions Julie wished to lavish upon it. Seeing Carrie's concern at the prospect of spending the night having her body continuously teased, Julie assured her that the overt stimulation of her body would be both intermittent and relatively brief. "In fact, for the most part, the only stimulation which your body will receive will come from its intimate contact with my body. Namely, my body is going to be your blanket for the night. While we sleep, I am going to spread my body over yours so that your breasts are covered by my breasts, your tummy is molded against mine, and our crotches rest against one another. I think that you will find that, even in your sleep, this contact will keep you in a state of arousal which your unconscious will incorporate into your dreams. "As for the occasionally more concerted stimulation which I will give your body, it will entail my bringing you into blossom a few times. I am a light sleeper and tend to wake several times during the night. Rather than tossing and turning, as I usually do, tonight I will occupy my wakeful moments by enjoying the sight of your otherwise somnolent body respond to having your labia opened and your clitoris caressed. "It is my hope that I will be able to make you blossom without your being fully conscious of what is happening and that, as a result, your unconscious mind will record your blossoming the way it would any other natural, pleasurable sensation over which you neither have nor desire volition." With some reservations, Carrie agreed to lying on her back and having her wrists and ankles attached to the corners of Julie's bed. At Julie's request, she removed her negligee and centered herself on the bed, with her arms raised over her head and her legs parted. Using soft strips of cloth, Julie attached Carrie to the four corners of the bed by her wrists and ankles. As Julie had promised, Carrie's bonds were more gentle reminders than real restraints. Thus, except that they prevented her from rolling onto her stomach or bringing her legs together, they did little to limit her freedom. When she was done tying Carrie, Julie removed her own negligee and joined Carrie on the bed. Sitting next to Carrie's head, she leaned over to arrange Carrie's hair so that it would frame her face. In doing so, her breasts brushed against Carrie's upturned face and, at one point, her nipples grazed against Carrie's lips. Julie next rose from the bed in order to first sprinkle and then rub powder onto Carrie's body. Starting at Carrie's neck, she spread the powder over every exposed nook and cranny of Carrie's front, including the soft flesh of her upper arms, with special attention to her breasts and the succulent padding at the tops of her thighs and vulva. Having coated Carrie's front with powder, Julie placed the dispenser back on her bedside table and picked up an item which Carrie had never seen before. Holding it so that Carrie's could inspect it, she said, "This little device is what is called a 'clitoral clip.' As you see, it is flexible wire spring bent into the shape of an old-fashioned keyhole. After bringing you into blossom, I am going to install it on the pouch of flesh which forms the hood of your clitoris, where it will exert a mild but pleasurable pressure. Mild as this pressure may be, as you will soon learn, it will be sufficient to keep you acutely aware of your clitoris, especially, when my body moves on top of you." Without giving Carrie time to respond, Julie seated herself next to Carrie's pelvis and began the blossoming process. As she expected, Carrie's juices were already flowing, and so her blossoming took very little time. Once Carrie's labia were bathed in her secretions, Julie moved to the foot of the bed and crawled between Carrie's spread legs until her head was inches from the moist region which was her target. Using her left hand, she revealed Carrie's clitoris by folding back her labia and, once it she had it fully exposed, used her right hand to open the spring enough to slip it over Carrie's clitoral hood. Adjusting the wire to lie along the base of the hood, Carrie's clitoris was captured in its grasp when she released the spring. Crawling further up between Carrie's legs, Julie placed her hands on either side of Carrie's face and gently lowered her body onto Carrie's. When their bodies met, she moved her legs so that their thighs touched and used her hands to push on the sides of their breasts to increase the pressure on them. When she had made herself com comfortable, Julie brought her lips to Carrie's lips and whispered "Carrie, you are a lovely and lucky girl. Your body is both beautiful and exquisitely receptive, and I am going to enjoy having my body be its cover for the night. After the excitement and strain your body has endured during the day, you should have no difficulty getting to sleep. However, even in sleep, your body will remain excited, and, as I said earlier, your dreams will be filled with erotic images. The potency of these images will be enhanced by the pleasure your body will be getting from its contact with mine. In addition, when your body responds and your vulva swells, the clip holding your clitoris will augment and protract your excitement in a deliciously tantalizing fashion, particularly during and following your blossomings. Thus, you have a wonderful night ahead of you, but, for now, good night and sweet dreams." At first, Carrie doubted Julie's assurance that she would soon fall asleep. Not only did she feel slightly crushed under Julie's body, but she was poignantly conscious of the clip which was pressing against her clitoris. Lovely and lucky she might be, but was it possible for a girl in her state to fall asleep? When she had slept with a man, he had, after satisfying their needs, rolled off her body and, if anything, had a carelessly flung an arm over her body. But this was entirely different. For one thing, Julie had satisfied neither one of them and had left her dangling with a diabolical device attached to the most sensitive part of her body. Secondly, it was not a carelessly placed arm but a carefully placed body under which she was ensconced. Under the circumstances, sleep did not seem like a very realistic expectation. Nonetheless, the exhausted state of her body soon combined with the comfort of Julie's body on top of her to produce a soporific haze in her mind, and before long Carrie drifted off. For several hours, her sleep was deep and uninterrupted by the dreams which Julie had predicted. However, around four in the morning, Carrie became dimly aware that Julie was no longer covering her and that she was being brought into blossom. With her mind still shrouded in sleep, Carrie remained in a blissful state of semi-consciousness while Julie worked her magic on her body. Thus, as her labia, which were already held partially open by the clip on her clitoris, spread and her juices flowed in response to Julie's teasing, her consciousness remained detached from what was happening to her body. In fact, even before Julie had com completed her blossoming, Carrie was re- submerging into the depths of sleep from which she had only partly emerged. But the detachment did not include her unconscious mind, and her sleep was no longer so peaceful. Instead, her dreams were filled with erotic images of her vulva, which, in her imagination, appeared as a welcoming, moist opening at whose the entrance stood her clitoris, held rigidly at attention by the clip on its hood. This image was re-enforced each time, as she did twice more, Julie brought her into blossom or readjusted the clip to make sure that it was maintaining gentle but unrelenting pressure on her throbbing clitoris. The Following Morning: It was ten the next morning when Carrie finally awoke, and, in spite of the level of excitement at which her body had been kept throughout the night, she felt quite refreshed. When she opened her eyes, she was greeted by Julie's face inches from her own. For several minutes they remained motionless and simply smiled at each other. However, Carrie's full bladder soon insisted that they bring their reverie to an end and forced her to ask Julie to untie her so that she could relieve herself. Appreciating Carrie's need, Julie immediately complied. After gently removing the clip from Carrie's clitoris, Julie untied her from the bed and let her go to the bathroom, saying that she should take as much time as she wanted to freshen up. Having worn the clip for such a long time, Carrie's clitoris remained erect even after its release, and, as she headed for the bathroom, each step made her aware of its prominence. Moreover, when, having relieved her bladder, she inspected herself in the bathroom mirror, she discovered that her clitoris was not hidden, as it was normally, by her labia but instead protruded slightly between them. Of course, this was only a visible confirmation of what she already knew: she had yielded to Julie com complete control over her sexual apparatus, and her distended clitoris was just one more manifestation of that control. Julie was not in the bedroom when Carrie returned. Calling to her from the living room, Julie told Carrie to join her there, where she found Julie standing in her negligee and waiting for her next to the low table on which the training of her tummy had taken place. Julie had placed a pillow in the center of the table and bade Carrie lie on the table with her bottom on the pillow and her bent knees spread. Giving Carrie time to make herself com comfortable, Julie reached between her thighs and prized open her labia to fully expose the already erect stalk of her clitoris, which she then captured between the thumb and index finger of her right hand. Without moving her hand but only modulating the pressure she was exerting, Julie quickly brought Carrie to the brink of orgasm before she suddenly released Carrie's clitoris, moved to the middle of the table, and took a seat next to the writhing body of which she had become the master. Then, putting a hand on either side of Carrie's anguished face, Julie leaned forward over Carrie's prone body and explained what lay in ahead. "Carrie, my dear, I know that you have a desperate desire for release from the sexual tension in which I have kept you all night, and I promise you that your release will come. However, it is time for you to play a more active role. In the first place, your carefully prepared tummy has not been put under duress since our visit to the coffee shop, and it would be a shame to waste the effort which we put into its preparation. "Secondly, except for the pleasure mine got out of being your blanket last night, it is only your body which has received attention. With these two considerations in mind, I have devised the following plan. I am going to place a rather hard cushion so that it sits on the little bulge just below your belly button. Then I will remove my negligee and, squatting over your body, seat myself on the cushion. It will give me a mildly sadistic pleasure to know that your stomach muscles are having to support my weight, which, because of the cushion, will be concentrated directly on the portion of your tummy which our preparations have left the most sore. Occasionally, I will lift part of my weight off your stomach by leaning forward, and when I do so, my breasts will graze against your face. "I noticed your admiration of my breasts when they were bare, and I want to provide you the opportunity to get to know them more intimately. What you do with them is up to you: you are free to caress them with your hands or mouth or both, and I am confident that your sensual imagination will inspire you to give them great pleasure. In this way, your tummy and your sexual ingenuity will win you the release which you crave." Without giving Carrie time to respond, Julie rose to her feet, fetched a horse hair filled cushion from where it sat on the couch, and placed it carefully on highest point on Carrie's otherwise flat belly. Satisfied with its position, she stepped back so that Carrie would have an unobstructed view and disrobed. Aware that Carrie's eyes were riveted on her every move, Julie stepped onto the table with a foot on opposite sides of Carrie's prone body, and slowly lowered herself onto the waiting pillow. As it received more or more of Julie's weight, the unforgiving pillow sunk into the tummy on which it sat, forcing Carrie to contract her stomach muscles in order to continue breathing. Once she was sure that Carrie's stomach had learned to accommodate its burden, Julie increased Carrie's problems by pulling her legs forward until her feet rested in the cups provided by Carrie's armpits and even more of her weight was concentrated on her bottom. Once again giving Carrie time to adjust, Julie then started rocking back and forth and from side to side, thereby exercising different portions of Carrie's rock hard stomach muscles and preventing them from becoming accustomed to the strain being imposed on them. After continuing in this way for several minutes, Julie relented and, as promised, after putting her knees back onto the table, leaned forward over Carrie's chest until her breasts straddled Carrie's nose and her nipples rested against Carrie's cheeks. Grateful to have some of Julie's weight off of her tummy and fascinated by the presence of another woman's breasts in her face, Carrie brought her hands up to cup the soft cones of flesh presented to her. Having never before handled another woman's breasts, she began by positioning Julie's right breast so that she could inspect it in detail. Staring at the nipple and surrounding aureola, she was surprised to find herself moved by its beauty and delicacy. She knew that a woman's breasts were her most admired adornments, but only now was she beginning to appreciate why. With Julie's already erect nipple at such close range, Carrie was amazed when she realized that her lips had puckered and that she felt an instinctive urge to draw the nipple between them and suck on it. Seeing no reason not to allow her instincts be her guide, she shifted both her hands to Julie's right breast and drew its nipple into her mouth. As she sucked, she used her fingers to collar the breast at its base and apply enough pressure to mold what had been a cone into a tight ball. At the same time, she sucked the nipple deeper into her mouth until not only the nipple but the entire aureola had disappeared between her lips. Bringing her tongue into play, Carrie worried Julie's nipple and savored the smooth texture of its aureola, at times encompassing as much as half the ore through her lip covered teeth and tweaking its hard teat with her tongue. Of course, her activity did not go unnoticed by Julie, who was thoroughly enjoying what Carrie was doing to her breast. On the other hand, much as Julie was excited by Carrie's suckling of her breast, she was determined that their roles not be reversed and that she be the one who was calling the shots. Thus, after letting her right breast enjoy Carrie's attentions for several minutes, she withdrew it from Carrie's mouth by straightening up and shifting her weight back onto the hard cushion beneath her bottom. Appraising her right breast, Julie said, "Even though they are not yet fully developed, you have talents for giving sensual pleasure. Now that you have displayed those talents on my right breast, I will have you exercise them on my left breast. However, this time, I will hold myself up so that you will have to raise your head in order take my breast into your mouth. You have already learned to accept and enjoy pain in the pursuit of your own sexual gratification. Now you will experience the excitement which comes from enduring pain while providing sexual pleasure to someone else." In keeping with her words, Julie bent forward just far enough that her left breast hung tantalizingly above Carrie's lips. Confronted by the enticing sight of Julie's swaying breast, Carrie began by running the pads of her fingers along its firm sides. Then, suddenly, she grasped the breast between her hands and lifted her head so that she could latch onto the nipple. As soon as her head rose from the table, Carrie's stomach muscles, which were already hard as a board from fighting off the cushion, protested at the new obligations being forced on them. As a result, even as she struggled to resist the temptation to punish Julie's breast for the pain and frustration Julie was imposing on her, the treatment Carrie accorded Julie's left nipple was far less gentle than that which she had lavished on the right. When Carrie's stomach muscles could no longer support her, she released Julie's nipple and fell back prone onto the table. Out of gratitude for her efforts, Julie leaned forward, bringing their bodies together while delving into Carrie's half open mouth with her tongue. While they remained in this intimate embrace, Julie assured Carrie that she would be soon receiving her reward, although she warned, "Your reward will still require your tummy to pay a price." Pushing herself erect, Julie reversed directions. That is, she turned her back to Carrie's face and brought her legs up so that the outer surface of Carrie's bent legs were resting against the inner surface of her own thighs. In this position, most of her weight bore down directly on the hard pillow, pressing it mercilessly into Carrie's taut abdominal muscles. Once she was sure that her bottom was applying maximum pressure, Julie spread Carrie's thighs enough to give herself ready access to her vulva. Nestling her breasts against Carrie's knees, Julie reached down and, after brushing aside the pubic hair hiding her target, used her fingers to open Carrie's labia and expose the still throbbing clitoris which lay between. Freeing the stalk of Carrie's clitoris from its protective hood, Julie cradled it between the fingers of her left hand and began stroking it with the fingers of her right. In response, Carrie's clitoris swelled and became increasingly vulnerable, a fact of which Julie took full advantage. Still holding the stalk so that it could not retreat, Julie changed her tactics. Instead of stroking, she used her finger as a drum stick to rhythmically tap on the very tip of the erect stem over which she was now exercising total control. Driven into sexual frenzy by what Julie was doing to her clitoris, Carrie writhed in frustration as she strove to reach orgasm. However, each time that they prepared for the onset of orgasm, her stomach muscles betrayed her by relaxing, allowing the pillow to penetrate painfully deep into her unprotected abdomen and forcing her muscles to counter by contracting. At the moment of climax, the female body wants to be receptive, a state which entails a relaxation of the abdomen so that her pelvis can spread and her vulva open. Denied the opportunity to make these preparations, Carrie's body was unable to achieve its goal. After her third failed attempt to reach orgasm, Carrie vented her frustration on Julie, hammering with clenched fists on the bowed back draped over her knees. Undeterred, Julie not only continued her tapping but described to Carrie the details of how her body was responding to its torment. "You may be frustrated, but your clitoris seems to be enjoying what I am doing to it. By now it has grown to resemble the penis of baby boy. Each time I tap on its tip, the whole stalk bobs and protrudes further from its nest. By the time you have achieved your orgasm, I suspect that your clitoris will remain erect for quite some time. In the meantime, you had better start learning how to keep your tummy hard even when you are in the throes of orgasm. In order to monitor your progress and better enjoy your struggles, I am going to remove the pillow so that I can feel your stretched muscles working directly against my bottom." So saying, Julie stopped her tapping long enough to remove the pillow and replace it with the hard points of bone at the bottom of her pelvis. Rocking her hips back on the firm plane of Carrie's belly, Julie resumed her tapping. For Carrie, the replacement of the pillow by Julie's generously rounded buttock brought some relief. At the same time, it increased the sexual excitement of her predicament. Now her excruciatingly tight stomach muscles were being massaged by Julie's warm flesh as her clitoris bobbed in unison with the rhythmic beating it was receiving. Without her realizing it, Carrie's anger began to transform itself into resignation. When this transformation was com complete, she discovered that she was indeed mastering the lesson which Julie had set for her. Namely, by bearing down, she discovered that she could open her pelvis and vulva without lessening the tension in her abdomen. At first, the effort required to maintain this tension was sufficiently distracting to prevent her body from completing its preparations for orgasm. However, with each successive attempt, she came closer to her goal and, after what seemed to her like hours, she was finally able to cross the threshold which had been eluding her, and, when she did so, her release of pent up sexual excitement was tremendous. Pivoting on her hips locked in place by Julie's weight, Carrie lifted her upper body until she could grasp Julie's shoulders and espalier her front against Julie's back. Pressing her breasts into Julie's shoulder blades while planting kissing along base of Julie's neck, Carrie flexed her lower body in a way which widened her pelvis and opened her vulva without diminishing the tension in her abdominal muscles. Needless to say, the toll on Carrie's body was enormous, and she was grateful to feel Julie rise from her tummy as her final crescendo receded and happy to let herself wallow in the overwhelming sense of satisfaction and exhaustion which enveloped her. Appreciating that Carrie would need time to recuperate, Julie put a pillow under her head, helped her lower her bent legs, and spread a light blanket over her recumbent form. Then, after smoothing her disheveled hair off Carrie's face, Julie planted a loving kiss on each of her eyes and tiptoed out of the living room. Sunday Afternoon, Carrie Goes on Display: It was one in the afternoon when Carrie roused herself from the deep sleep into which she had fallen. Having had her stomach muscles put through such an arduous workout and having spent several hours on the unyielding surface of Julie's coffee table, she emitted a groan as her body complained in response to her initial attempt to rise. Hearing her groan, Julie returned to the living room and helped her up. Once Carrie was back on her feet, Julie guided to the bathroom, leaving her long enough to answer what had become an urgent call of nature before joining her there. Finding Carrie leaning over the sink and staring at herself in the mirror, Julie seated herself on the rim of the tub and waited patiently for Carrie to turn around. When she did, Julie reached around Carrie's body and placed a firm hand on inviting mounds of Carrie's buttock. Gently squeezing the resilient flesh beneath her hands, Julie drew Carrie forward until she could rest her cheek against the swell of Carrie's belly. After holding her in this position for a couple of minutes, Julie broached the topic in both their minds, namely: what would they do to bring their weekend together to an appropriate end. "Carrie, I believe that your visit has lived up to and, at times, exceeded expectations. You came here to learn about the pleasures which you can experience from the skillful manipulation of your body, and, with all due modesty, I trust you have found me to be as worthy a teacher as I have found you to be a worthy pupil. "In the process, I have, at times, I have made considerable demands on your body, although, as I hope you will agree, you have been amply rewarded for your efforts. However, there is one aspect of your sexuality which we have not yet fully explored, and, in what remains of our weekend, I want to correct that omission. Namely, I want to teach you the pleasure of having your body admired while it is performing. In preparation for this experience, we will begin by having you take a soothing, hot bubble bath. This will not only relieve the tension left from your ordeal on the table but will increase your awareness of those portions of your body which I am going to have you put on display." Without providing further details, Julie drew Carrie's bath and, when the tub was full, pored in a combination of bubble-bath and fragrant bath oils before inviting Carrie to indulge her sore muscles in its frothy warmth. After letting Carrie settle her body into a foam of bubbles, Julie announced that she would fetch them a snack which they could enjoy together while Carrie soaked. During Julie's absence, Carrie ruminated on Julie's words while her body absorbed the comfort afforded by the pampering it was receiving. What Carrie was unable to imagine is how it was possible to display her body more blatantly than it already had been. After all, if it was public display which Julie intended, what did she have in mind if she was not satisfied by having her parade through town with her nipples held erect for the delectation every passerby. Similarly, if the display was to be of a more private nature, what could trump the display to which Julie had been treated during her two orgasms, both of which Julie had not only provoked but also witnessed in detail. Even if Carrie had been somewhat sexually unsophisticated before Julie had expanded her horizons, she had never been a prude. In fact, ever since it bloomed during adolescence, her body had been a source of pride. On the other hand, she had limits, and she could not help fearing that Julie might break those limits. However, when Julie re-appeared with a plate of sandwiches and cups of coffee, Carrie's fears were replaced by the realization that she had not eaten for over twelve hours and that she was very hungry. Thus, she devoured with gusto everything that Julie handed to her and was only sorry that there was not more. Knowing that Carrie's appetite had not been com completely satisfied by her snack, Julie patted her wet tummy and told her that she would survive and that, for what was to come, it was essential that she not be bloated. Once they had finished eating, Julie moved the plates and cups out of harms way and removed her bathrobe. Then, kneeling with her front draped over the side of the tub, she took a large pumice stone from the soap dish and rubbed firmly over Carrie's body. Carrie's skin having been thoroughly lubricated by the bath oils, the pumice glided smoothly as Julie guided it first along the sides of Carrie's neck, next over the mounds of her breasts and tummy, and then down both the insides and outsides of her legs. When she had visited every inch of Carrie's front, Julie bad her turn over and kneel so that the pumice could be applied to her back and buttock. Other than the mildly itching sensation produced as the stone passed over her pink flesh, Carrie welcomed Julie's attentions and was more than willing to give Julie access to whatever portion of her body was being rubbed, even when Julie delved into her crotch and ran the pumice along her outer labia. When she put the pumice back into the soap dish, Julie asked Carrie to remain kneeling. Then, rising to arm herself with a scissors and safety razor from her medicine cabinet, she returned to the edge of the tub and carefully trimmed Carrie's pubic hair into an attractive frame for her vulva. Embarrassing as Carrie found the trimming of her pubis, what Julie suppressed her urge to make Julie stop. However, what Julie did next brought Carrie to the brink of rebellion. Namely, after prizing apart the cheeks of Carrie's buttock, Julie began to remove the strands of hair in the crevice between and around the mouth of her anus. It was when Julie laid aside her scissors and applied the razor to the remaining stubble that Carrie lodged a complaint, but by that time Julie had com completed her depilitation. Blushing with embarrassment and anger at the indignity to which she had been subjected, Carrie rinsed off the areas on which Julie had been working and rose from the bath in which she had spent more than half an hour. When she got out of the tub and was standing on the bathmat, Julie wrapped her in a sumptuous towel and turned her so that she was facing the mirror. While she patted her dry, Julie commiserated with Carrie, saying "I realize that you are indignant about the liberties which I took with your body. However, I think that you will soon appreciate what I did. While her body is put on display, no woman wants her image to be spoiled by the presence of unsightly hair, and you can be confident that yours will not be." Then, after removing the towel, Julie had Carrie lean over the sink while she poured a generous pool into the hallow at the base of her spine. Spreading the oil so that it covered Carrie, both front and back, she continued massaging it until every drop had been absorbed into Carrie's warm and receptive flesh. As a result, when Carrie straightened up and looked at herself in the mirror, the body reflected there glowed with a healthy succulence which she had never seen before. While Carrie basked in narcissistic contemplation, Julie gathered her hair so that it ran in a straight line down Carrie's back. Then, taking a brush in each hand, Julie repeatedly brushed Carrie's mane with long strokes, from the crown of her head all the way down to the narrows at her waist. When she saw that Carrie's hair had acquired a radiance to match that of her skin, Julie secured it with a band into a ponytail which fanned out over her shoulder blades. Pleased by her work, Julie snuggled her front against Carrie's back and whispered in her ear: "Your body has never been more beautiful, and it is time for us to take pleasure in its beauty." Leading Carrie back into the living room, Julie guided Carry to the center of the room, where she had placed a small, circular rug surrounded by three standing lamps. Placed at the center of the rug was an object whose purpose needed little or no explanation. Mounted on a sturdy base was a blunt, cylindrical prong. Clearly not intended to be a precise replica of a human phallus, its design nonetheless left no doubt about its function. When Julie brought her over to the rug, Carrie saw that the prong had a subtle curve and was tapered, with a diameter of about two inches at its widest and less than an inch at its narrowest. In addition, on closer inspection, she realized that it was mounted in such a way that its height could be adjusted by turning a knob at its base. Having thoroughly examined the device, Carrie turned in disbelief to Julie. "That's right Carrie, I am going to have you to spend some time with that inside you. In order to prepare you to receive it, I want you to squat with one foot on either side of the prong and the entrance to your vagina resting on the bulb at its tip. When you are properly positioned, I will bring you into blossom, and, as you open, I will expect you to lower yourself, drawing the prong into your vagina until the bulb is resting against your cervix. When you have swallowed as much of it as you can hold, I will lower it enough for you to support your weight on your haunches. "At first you may experience some discomfort before your vagina learns to accommodate its presence. However, after all its recent training, your vagina should learn quickly and, when it has, you will be rewarded with a delicious sense fullness." Placing her hands on Carrie's shoulders, Julie guided Carrie into the squatting position which she had prescribed. Then, after joining her on the floor, Julie ran her hands along the tense muscles of Carrie's inner thighs until they reached her crotch, where, after carefully parting the pubic hair in the vicinity of her vagina, she began bringing Carrie into blossoming. Unaccustomed to squatting for long periods, Carrie found it difficult to respond to Julie was doing. Nonetheless, when her labia spread and her clitoris swelled, she felt the mouth of her vagina open and consume the bulb which had been waiting at its entrance. Once the bulb had entered her, Carrie instincts took command, enabling her vaginal muscles to draw the prong inside as she lowered her body onto it. Upon encountering its widest section, she hesitated, but Julie urged her on, saying that she had only a couple more inches to go before her impalement would be com complete. Then, when the bulb finally reached her cervix and the walls of her vagina were fully stretched, she lifted her head and stared into Julie face with a look of wonder and a strong sense of accomplishment. As soon as Julie was certain that the prong was embedded in Carrie as far as it would go, she reached between Carrie's trembling thighs and lowered the prong as Carrie folded her legs so that she could rest on her haunches. Waiting until Carrie had found a com comfortable position, Julie then turned the knob a couple of turns back, saying "Having the bulb pressed against your cervix will help you improve your posture, " words whose truth Carrie immediately understood. Indeed, only by keeping her torso straight could she relieve the pressure that the prong exerted on her uterus. Nonetheless, Carrie soon discovered that, by flexing her internal muscles, she could control and vary the stretching of her vagina in ways which sent waves of excitement radiating through her body. For instance, by bearing down with her abdominal muscles and tightening her hold on the prong, she was able to discern how it had molded her vaginal walls in order to accommodate its subtle curve. Seeing that Carrie was learning to enjoy her impalement, Julie stood up and, after turning them on, adjusted the lamps so that they shone on Carrie's body. Taking a few steps back to get a better view, Julie told Carrie, "I want you to imagine that your body is a piece clay which is suspended on a stand in a sculpture studio and that am the sculptress who will mold and shape it." She then disappeared behind the lights and returned with a pair of small barbells, which she placed in Carrie's hands. "In order to bring your body into relief, I want you to raise your arms and hold the barbells above your head." When Carrie had complied, Julie moved behind her to see the effect. With her ponytail running straight down her spine, her rib cage tapering from its widest at her shoulder blades to its narrowest at her waist, and her hips sumptuously spread, Carrie presented Julie with a delicious image, which was highlighted by the interplay between the light shining on her oiled skin and the play of shadows on the contour of her ribcage and waist. Kneeling behind her sculpture, Julie cupped Carrie's buttock in her hands and let her fingers probe first their outer surface, then the crevice which Carrie's position on her haunches left exposed, and finally the tight ring of her anus. When her fingers reached Carries anus, Julie felt her flinch, at which point Julie said, "Don't be selfish. I too want to enjoy what is happening down here. You may be a piece of clay, but you are a living piece of clay which can, and must, respond to the touch of its sculptress. Each time you renew your grip on the prong embedded in your vagina, the thin membrane which separates your orifices transmits the contraction to your rectum, and the ring around your anus tightens. "Conversely, by stroking your anus, I can induce a contraction which propagates to your vagina and causes it tighten around the prong. In fact, by continuing to stimulate your anus, as I am now, I can help you to prolong your contractions. You mustn't be embarrassed by the way that your body responds. I can assure you that there is nothing more gratifying than helping a woman succumb to her female instincts, especially when that woman has a body which is as beautiful and responsive as yours is." Like an artist unable to resist perfecting her own creation, Julie continued caressing the back of Carrie's body with her fingers. Sometimes she would massage Carrie's neck and shoulders, where the muscles were tense from the effort of maintaining the barbells above her head. Following Carrie's ribcage, she would run her hands along the soft flesh covering the individual ribs until they reached the concave curve of Carrie's waist, where she would give a gentle squeeze before returning to the proffered buttock and its sensitive inner surfaces. Every time her fingers visited Carrie's anus, Julie was enthralled by the visible contractions which her teasing of the tight ring caused to ripple through Carrie's pelvic region. Much as Julie would have liked to continue indefinitely, after ten minutes the arms of her living statue gave out. Taking the barbells from Carrie's hands, Julie brought Carrie's arms down her sides until her hands came to rest on her heels. In this position, Carrie's body assumed a graceful arc, with her breasts riding high on her chest and her tummy tipped forward. Besides the visible changes wrought by her change in position, Carrie was distinctly aware of the changes which had occurred inside. Namely, when her torso moved back, the prong in her vagina was forced forward, stretching her vaginal walls in unaccustomed directions and pressing against her abdominal muscles in a way which made her navel tingle. Standing in front of Carrie's arched body, Julie encouraged Carrie to let her drop head back so that she was staring at the ceiling and her ponytail hung free in back. Pleased by the result, Julie stepped forward and placed a hand on each of Carrie's flattened breasts. "Does this position remind you of the time when I used the spatula on these? I do, and I am sorely tempted to use it again. However, for aesthetic reasons, I have decided against the spatula. Surely you also remember how your breasts felt when I made you press them against the broom-head. Well, this time it will not be the head of the broom and it will not be you who is applying the pressure. Instead, it will be hair brushes which visit them, and it will be I who applies the pressure." Leaving Carrie on her perch, Julie once again disappeared. After what seemed to Carrie quite a while, she reappeared. During her absence, Julie had removed all her clothes, and when she rejoined Carrie and stood with her belly pressed against the top of Carrie's head, Carrie's view of the ceiling was interrupted by the cones of Julie's bare breasts. With a hair brush in each hand, Julie bent over Carrie's upturned face and brought the brush bristles gently down onto lower portion of Carrie's breasts. "I am going to use these brushes to bring color to your breasts. During your bath, your skin acquired a lovely pink hue. Now I want to highlight your breasts by making them darker than the rest of your front. Stroking them with these brushes will bring blood to their surface. I think that you will find that, flattened the way they are, your breasts are exquisitely sensitive and that, as blood flows into them, you will feel them swell. When they have achieved the color and fullness I want them to have, I will turn my attention to your tummy, which I can see is already learning to cope with your visitor." In the process of brushing Carrie's breast, Julie's own breasts bobbed back and forth across Carrie's face, seemingly inviting Carrie to use her mouth on them. Thus, when one of Julie's nipples grazed her lips, Carrie caught it between her lips and sucked it deep into her mouth, where she lathed it with her tongue. With her breast anchored by its nipple in Carrie's mouth, after several minutes Julie succeeded in transforming the color of Carrie's breasts from their usual pinkish white to a quiet livid red. When they had achieved the color she wanted, Julie dropped the brushes and replaced them with her hands, relishing the competing sensations provided by the warmth emanating from the breasts she had been persecuting and the sharp tugging on the breast she was allowing Carrie to persecute. Still letting Carrie suckle her breast, Julie lowered her hands further, until they were resting on Carrie's tautly drawn stomach. Once there, she began palpating Carrie's abdomen, probing first deep into her navel and then lower, into to muscles lying directly over her distended vagina. After familiarizing herself with her target, Julie said, "Carrie, I am going to use my fingers to help you move the prong inside you. When I press my finger into your belly button, I want you to lower yourself onto the prong until I can feel its head through your belly." Attempting to oblige, Carrie absorbed the prong deeper into her body, only stopping when she became concerned that she might tear the sheath in which it was encased. "That's the girl, now just hold still while I manipulate your navel so that the bulb opens the entrance to your uterus." Never had Carrie experienced such deep penetration, and she marveled at her body's capacity to accommodate the intrusion. At the same time, she was staggered at the physical strain which the exercising of her internal muscles imposed on her body but realized that, as sexually exciting as it was, she could not achieve orgasm until her vagina was permitted to resume a more relaxed position. Thus, she was greatly relieved when Julie's fingers left her navel and slid down her lower belly until they came to rest in the warm cavern of her crotch. Guided by Julie's hands, Carrie tilted her pelvis to relieve the pressure on her cervix, and, no sooner had she shifted the prong into more comfortably in her vagina than Carrie's body responded instinctively. Swaying back and forth, her body made love to the object lodged in its depths while her mouth made love to the breast to which her mouth was attached. Free at last to release the tension which had been building ever since Julie put her on the prong, Carrie sexual excitement quickly reached a crescendo and engulfed her in an orgasm which continued unabated longer than any other she had experienced. End to a Weekend After Carrie's crisis began to recede, Julie extracted her breast from Carrie's mouth, and, grabbing Carrie by her armpits, helped her to extricate the prong from the flesh sheath in which it had spent more than half an hour. Unsure that she could walk after her ordeal, Carrie accepted Julie's help getting to the couch, where Julie had her lie down. After lifting Carrie's head so that it lay on a pillow, Julie, sitting by Carrie's side, ran a soothing hand over the tummy which had been so sorely tested and said how pleased she that their weekend had been such a success. "Carrie, you are a courageous girl. Even when the goal is sexual gratification, it takes enormous courage to submit ones body to the sort of experiences to which I have introduced yours during the last two days. I think that you will discover that these experiences have been life-altering. Namely, you now know the full potential of your female anatomy. Your lower body will be sore for several days, but you should find solace in your memories of the source of its soreness. "In any case, this weekend is over. I am going to leave you here alone on the couch with your belongings waiting for you on a chair. When you have recovered sufficiently, you should put on your clothes and leave. In violation of the usual proprieties of a hostess, I will not see you out. Instead, I want you to depart on your own, and, after having had time to assimilate and assess what we have done together, decide whether you want to continue your education under my tutelage. I will await your decision." After giving Carrie a chaste kiss on the forehead, Julie, without further ado, got up and disappeared into her bedroom.

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