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Celebrity Big Brother 2006

Celebrity Big Brother 2006

Now in its fourth incarnation, this is the biggest Celebrity Big Brother yet. There are plenty of profits to be made by those who can put up with watching insignificants moping around a house for 21 days so here is a run down of those involved and their chances of success. Chantelle Houghton 16/1 Chantelle, a part-time Paris Hilton lookalike entered the house first. Given the usual barrel scraping for contestants and a bit of self-mockery on Endemol's part, the 22-year-old non celebrity has to persuade the others she is in fact, famous, to stay in the house. Not the brightest, her cover might be blown by the other housemates before the public get the chance to vote her out. Michael Barrymore 3/1 Once the highest paid personality on UK television, this appearance has been earmarked as his "big" television comeback. Several reality shows have tried to secure Barrymore's inclusion, but the reported _150, 000 appearance fee must have made the now bankrupt star feel "Aw-wight". He'll be doing funny walks and looking for old ladies to harass in no time (look out, Rula), although his pool visits will be solitary ones. The bookies favourite and a definite final four contender. Pete Burns 14/1 Famous of having a hit record 20 years ago, Burns, without the wig has drawn comparison to Jackie Stallone. He claims 18 months of reconstructive surgery has cost him everything, including "30 years of back catalogue" - just how many remixes of "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)" were there? He will go far and possibly into the final four. Traci Bingham 40/1 Former Baywatch totty and the first African American female to appear on the show. She is 37 but still thinks (and in all fairness, looks like) she's 20. The giggling little girl act doesn't really wash when your pushing 40 and much to the male viewers dismay, she will be out sooner rather than later. Maggot 4/1 The lanky one out of Goldie Looking Chain. When introducing himself he said he was there to "just make up the numbers". This humility could endear him to the voting public in a similar manner to last year's winner Bez and the bookies have made him joint second favourite. Maggot a top four contender? You knows it! Rula Lenska 20/1 The original IT girl, in that she was famous for being famous. In the late 1970's and early 1980's, she appeared in hair care commercials, which began with a close-up of her stating: "I'm Rula Lenska". People assumed she must be famous but it was later revealed to be just a marketing ploy. This level of fame means she is well suited for Big Brother, but she is likely to be one of the first contestants voted out. Jodie Marsh 12/1 From Rula Lenska 30 years ago we now have Jodie Marsh, herself famous for being famous. Despite her profession as a glamour model, Marsh, a veteran of reality television, usually comes across quite well on screen and is a dark horse to win the show. She is by far the strongest female contestant and the one most likely to make it to the last four. In her pre-entrance interview, Marsh stated she "didn't want to be stuck in with any of her ex boyfriends". Give the producers a chance, love! Dennis Rodman 25/1 The only "true" celebrity in the house. Across the pond, Rodman is as famous for his achievements in basketball as he is for his outlandish, behaviour off court. Like Jodie Marsh, Rodman is also a veteran of reality TV. However, most viewers in the UK will have never heard of him. Faria Alam 40/1 A dead cert to be the first person evicted from the house and even more of a non-entity than pretender Chantelle. Famous for being the UK's answer to Monica Lewinsky, Alam made a name for herself by having affairs with England football manager Sven Goran Eriksson and FA bigwig Mark Palios. Get her out. Samuel Preston 4/1 Introduced himself as "Preston" and is the lead singer of "The Ordinary Boys", who have scored two top 20 albums and had a number one hit in Japan. He seems harmless enough for the bookies to install him as joint second favourite although Maggot may beat him in the "battle of the bands". George Galloway 10/1 The Respect MP for Bethnal Green and Bow is an alleged friend of Saddam Hussein and was expelled from the Labour Party in 2003 after allegedly bringing the party into disrepute over the invasion of Iraq. The first MP to participate on Big Brother, Galloway could be an interesting contestant if the voters choose to keep him in.
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