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Tips On How To Double Your Dating If You Are A Shy Guy Believe me when I say that I know how frustrating it can be for a guy to be shy and anxious around women. You want to approach a woman but you just know you are going to blush and get tongue tied and make a complete fool of yourself. I used to be this guy until I took advice from a friend of mine and started to look online as a means of meeting women. I'm not saying that I have ceased being shy, but I have managed to have a lot more success with women and would like to share my tips on how to double your dating by using the internet.
Firstly be honest and upfront with women and treat them as you would like to be treated. Upload a recent photograph of YOURSELF. Who do you think you are kidding if you post a photo of a Brad Pitt lookalike when in reality you are short and bald. Don't make the mistake of not posting a photo because that will only make women wonder what you have to hide. Could it be that you are married or plain ugly with a wart on your nose? Do you see where I aming from?
The next of my tips on how to double your dating is to take the time and trouble to read a girl's profile so that when you start exchanging emails you can begin by asking questions that are related to their profile. No girl is going to want to respond to someone who hasn't got an inkling of their likes and dislikes and their interests.
Finally be positive in your approach. You are more likely to attract a woman by posting a positivement than you are by being negative. You don't want toe across as needy but as someone who is fun to be around. For example it is not a good idea to put that you are shy and lonely and need someone to fill a gap in your life but better to put that you are an honest, fun loving man seeking a likeminded woman to share a journey.
By the time you eventually meet some girls in the flesh, you will feel that you know such a lot about them already, that shyness goes straight out the window.
To learn even more tips on how to double your dating and to become a master at the art of attracting women, then you need to visit my website now.
profile/Jo-Gardner/160916>Jo Gardner

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