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Legal questions and answers

Legal questions and answers

A Contract Without Consideration Is Not Valid, is This Right? I am not certain what you mean by consideration. Simply put though, if you sign your name to a contract it is a binding agreement. Be vastly careful about what you put your signature on and read EVERYTHING. No, it does not meet adjectives the... I Had My Divorce Paper Signed Last Year, But Never Did File Them.... Sure do, since alot could have changed since then, sorry Landlord Locked Me Out, Told Me I Had To Have Sex In Order To Move... Call the cops, press charges, and get your stuff out of there, then sue that sick s.o.b.! I am not kid! This is harassment, if not bribery, then extortion. Find a attorney today if you can. Present all the... What is the SNLA? The SNLA is the acronym for the Scottish National Liberation Army. A paramilitary groupmitted to the liberation of the country of Scotland from its union moorings to Great Britain. Although it is a little prearranged group, they have achieved some high profile attention next to their various attempts at letter bombs, anthrax... What Might Happen In Court? I Was Trying To Help Some One Start A... Jail i borrowed the money against my personal truck for him and he said he would pay it back now i hold lost my truck over all of this he also signed a promissory note for this lone.... Who Can I Contact About This? I Have Roaches In My Apartment And... My land lord has not done anything since the last three inspections and I'm so tired of seeing stupid roaches everywhere. Who can i contact going on for this>? Have you tried the 'bombs' They are cans (kinda like raid)... How do I diagnose the problem next to a grassland mower than won't start?... Check the gas fuel engine and make sure you don't have anything in the blade My mower lone runs when i prime it the stops "All Contracts Are Agreements But All Agreements Are Not Contracts"?... We can agree that the sky is blue but that does not constitute a meeting of the minds & acceptance hence no contract. PLS RATE MY ANSWER...THANKS! The contract states first and last months rent upon moving contained by and will prorate moving... (Oregon) I Got A Notice Of Disturbance I Don't Agree With. Can You... I just want to know what my legal recourse is. I don't want this DISTURBANCE on my rental history. Just because someone said it happened. I want frontage my accuser, so to speak. I've lived in the same apartment in impossible... *DEA Vs ICE*? Which agency has more excitement? What is a normal day close to for each of them? Do they both do surveillance, arrests, undercover operations, etc.? Do any of them have to be "on-call", hold irregular work hours(15 hour days etc.) or have to go on unexpected makeshift travel? Which agency do you... 17 And Charged With 1 Count 4th DegreeFelony Video Pirating In N.j... If you were a juvenile at the time your record should be sealed by statute so contact the State Attorneys Office 17 Year Old Girl Abused By Uncle And Dad Whose Father Is Her Mother... I am a dear firend of hers and realy want to see these men behind bars even thow her dad is 65 I think you hold 7 years to press press charges go and talk to the police or... 2 Parties Sign Rental Agreement, Can One Evict The Second For Non... We moved in together, signing a 2 year contract with the home owner to rent a house. Our verbal agreemnet between us be to split the rent. Last 4 months she has only paid $140, she drinks every daylight (almost) and gets... 2 Unmarried Adults Signed A Lease To Rent A House From Me And Now... This is a tricky one but since the only one left in the apartment is the one who have not paid the rent and the leaseis for both of them you can just evict the one remaining in the apartment.... 20 Year Old Female, Convicted Of Conspiracy With Intent To Distribute... Sorry nope, one of the drawbacks od doing bad. Records are sealed by statute if youre a juvenile or expunged is youre acquitted of the crime 25 Yrs As A Self Employed Full Charge Bookkeeper. Most Recent I... Obviously I want a position using my education to broaden life experience and act within paraglegal role for a local law firm. Education is in a number of areas of law(12+). Looking for an objective/profile. Help. Go for accountant next to... 3 Day Eviction When Can A Landlord Give You This? 3 day evictions are reserved for those tenants who have done illegitimate activities or such on property and the landlord needs them out for safekeeping reasons and are usually court approved. Now this could also be your second notice that is usually served after a... 3 Day Notice, And I Don't Have All The Rent. What Can I Do To Get... If your lateness is not habitual and you keep the property up, I think your innkeeper will be willing to work with you. Either way, they hold to give you about thirty days to move. It is always best... 3. What Expenses Related To This Lease Will Lani Incur During The... Only security deposit up front and maybe utility deposits other than start up costs for food and furniture within the 1st year 3-day Eviction Notice, Can They Do This? My land lord gave me a 3-day eviction notice i picked up from the post organization Tues. Thurs her son cam to my house stating that we were to be out by Sunday and if we were not they would be by on Monday with the sheriff to... 4 People On The Lease Other Two Decided To Leave 5 Days B4 Rent Is... You can keep them and tell the ones the items belong to that they can have them when you receive their portion of the rent. A 20 Year Old Conviction Wish To Expunge Where Can I View A Form... That depends on what state your conviction is in. This site has free expungement forms for you to use to expunge your record. a1expungement a1expungement A Bank Holds Tax Certificates On A Property I Wish To Acquire. How... You can try the court house, ask for records Dept for deeds hope this helps, have the vital information the owner, address etc. Good luck A Dr. Told A Drug Store That I Had Been Arrested For Altering A Prescription.... Drug store would not fill my prescription because dr. Told them i had been arrested for altering a prescription... Is that slader Its slander if the doctor know its not true. However, he could be mistaken (eg perhaps... A Few Months Ago We Had A Conflict With Our Neighbor. He Threatened... Contact your local DAs office about filing charges of attempted armed assault against your neighbor Walk around your house beside a portable recorder (like pocket sized), and record him making those threats, the cops will definitely do something then. Only drawback... A Former Boyfriend And I Got Into An Arguement. He Damaged The Apartment... I recently moved into an apartment when I former boyfriend and I got in an argument. He dog-eared the apartment door and threatened the neighbors. The police were called. The landlords posted a three notice for vandalism of terms of the... A Friend Of Mine And Me Are Looking To Buy A House Together And We... We are both trying to sell our existing houses, but do those 2 house sales have toe about before we can get a joint mortgage for the contemporary "joint" house? Please help. Buying is easy-selling is harder! Anyone... A Friend Of Mine Is About To Get Out Of Prison, He's Been In Since... I think he needs to do another 20. Thanks i hope and pray he has, and have learned from hes mistakes A Gallery Owner Lost My Rughookings(18th Century Folk Art)and Refuses... This is the first time i ever put my art in a gallery and did not have a written agreement but a verbal near these rughookings. I am afraid to say that but if you did not have a written agreement with the... A Guest Will Not Leave. The Police Say They Cannot Help. There Is... You will have to go through the eviction process.....the best to you I saw something like this on people's court. If the police speak they cannot do anything, then you must file and eviction upon them giving them 30 days to get... More isfaq LegalLegal answers please isfaq isFAQ A Former Boyfriend And I Got Into An Arguement. He Damaged The Apartment... I recently moved into an apartment when I former boyfriend and I got in an argument. He dog-eared the apartment door and threatened the neighbors. The police were called. The landlords posted a three notice for vandalism of terms of the...

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