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Vacation In Goa

Vacation in goa

By sim - Nov 16, 2004 6018 hi friends this is sim (name changed) and this is my frist story for this site i always like reading the stories coz. i love let me first tell you about me i m19 yrs old, 5'' 9'in hight, black hairs and though i never joined gym. still my body is in quite good i am going to tell you one of my experience which i had six month ago and hope you like here we go, resently i finished my hsc exams and i had gone to Atul my best friends place for the vacation.i reached there on sunday 7:45 morning and Atul was already there waiting for me.we took a taxi and after we travelled for 20 min the taxi stopped in front of a big bunglow.i cant imagine that it was really his house , it was very beautiful and situated in the heart of goa.Then he showed me his place and it was really cool as i was going to spend my whole vacation at his magnificient place.he showed me my room and told that he had to look after the jewellery shop as his father was going out of town and have to leave the house and he would come in the evening and told me to be com comfortable with the place. after he left i went to took a shower as i was quite tired of the journey.after finishing my shower i came out wrapping only a small towel on my waist and started un packing my bag.i switched on the vcd payer and start an american number and start dancing to the loud tunes of the song.i totally forget that there are also other peoples in the house. some one openned the door and switched off the player and i fastly turned and while turning my towel got ingulfed with the chair arm and the towel just dropped down and i was totally nude, in front of me was a beautiful girl wearing tight blue jeans and a tight black god she was looking so hot that my lion actually started roaring and in no time it was rock hard, soon i realised what happened and grabbed the towel and wrapped it around.she just said sorry and closed the door.then i locked the door from inside and got ready with my clothes.till l2:30 i was in my room thinking who was she and why it happened on the first day.i was qiute a bit nervous as i dont know was she atuls sister, friend or some one now i was getting quite bore so i gathered some courage and went out of the room and i went to the terrace. it was really wonderful, where was a small swimming pool and a mini garden.i sat on the chairs and noticed some magazines kept on the table.i picked one of them, and started reading by 4:00 i have read all the magazines and soon realise that i had not eaten anything and suddenly my stomach was on fire and went down and askes one of the maid to bring something to eat . ''what would u like to eat?''she asked.i told her to bring anything but fast.she went in and in five minutes she brought me some sandwitches and orange juice.after i had finished with my food i thanked her and dicided to go back to my room.while i was about to enter my room i heard someone humming and looked who was it, in i peeked through the key hole and what i saw was really very good.there i saw a women abt 34 may be with a beautiful face features was changing her clothes as she removed her sari and blouse her big boobs was clearly visible through the transperent bra and my lion got a hard on and i started rubbing it but soon that sight was over as she had shanged her sari and now she was wearing a red blouse and red plain sari she was still looking stunning and hot.she turned towards the door and and i ran into my room and closed the door.i was now totally in my fantasies and quickly locked the door and took my lion out of my pants and start giving it stroked, i was having great pleasure but some one smacked on the door and i keep my lion back in my pants. i opened the door and there she was, the beautiful woman whom i wached while she was changing clothes."you must be sim , Atuls friend?"she said."yes mam, i am sim"i said."HHmmm u r good lookink as atul has told me"she said and just for a sec her pallu slipped from her shoulder and o got a clear view of her crack between her sweet milky breasts and my eyes got stucked at the sight. she pulled her pallu back saying"well i think i should introduce myself.'' i think that she must have seen me looking at her treasure ....."i am Suhasi, Atuls 'MOM' " and hearing this i was shocked that if she told Atul that i was staring at her breasts i would loose a good friend, "i m sorry"i said , looking at my bulge she smiled and said "well its quite natural and once when i was change my clothes, accidently Atul came in my room and saw me on bra he also had a bulge in his pants, so dont be scared i wont tell atul about it" and she left.i closed the door and sat on the bed when suddenly i heard a skreeeeeek noise and i ran to the was Atul in a black lancer he shouted"sim come down we are going to the beach, hurry up". i said "ok". and went out of my room and came to the hall where Atuls mom was sitting noticing me she said "where are you guys going" , " well, to the beach , i think " i replied, winking her eye she said " have fun" and i moved out and we went to the beach..............we returned quite late in the night and it was about 1:20 when we entered the house.Atul was quite more drunk and i pulled him to his room and keep him on his bed by now he was fast asleep, so i just gone to my room and closed the door and i was shockd to see Suhasi aunty in my room wearing a silky black , knee short nighty with a big neck, through which half of her boobs were clearly visible. " Suhasi aunty, what are you doing in my room so late?''i said. "well, i was not able to sleep so i came here to talk with you" she replaid. "about what" i said. she told me to be com comfortable and sit on the bed besides i went to the bed and sat beside her.she moved close to me and now i was clearly abel to se her boobs and i started looking at her magnificient mounds."what are you looking at?"she asked , and with a flick i moved my eyes to the floor, she again asked the same question. "well, i was looking at amm......" i stopped, "well you were looking at my breasts, right...?" she said , i stayed quite "come on be a spot, i am not going to tell this to atul" "yes" i said looking at them again. "do u want to see and touch it"she said winking her eye."i cant do that aunty, afterall you are my friends mother....."cutting my sentence she put her hand on by mouth and said "yes i m your friends mother but first i am a women who like you very much"saying this she started kissing me.i was now com completely in heven and my lion started to respond.she took my shirt and pants off and now i was only in my underwears.still kissing, sucking, and biting my lips she slipped her one hand in my underwear and hold my lion in her hand and started gave me courage and i pushed her on the bed and sat on her thigs and i unbuttned her nighty and the start to remove her bra.when the bra was removed her sweet boobs jumped out and i sturted sucking it and by one hand removed her panties and start licking downward where i found her love hole wet and hot covered wits hairs i licked here hole for about 15 min. and her love juices started comming out."come on, dont let me wait i want your cock in my pussy, please fuck me, fuck me hard"she said and i guided my cock at her pussy and started inserting it though she was a mother of a son but still she had a very tight pussy and with a hard stroke my whole length of cock went inside her pussy.she was moaning"aaaaaaannnnnnnmmmmm.........yeeeeeessssssssss......fuck me hard....fuck me.........................aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.."i started giving heavy strokes and she also moved her butts according to the flow .I told her"i am about to cum" "please, i want your hot juices inside me and dont worry i have done operation"she said and after some heavy strokes i cumm my big hot load inside her pussy.she then removed my cock from her pussy and cleaned the cumm off by licking and sucking it.after she had finished i also cleaned her pussy my licking it .and we both slept on bed.she wake me at 4:30 and said "sim i want to go back to my room coz. soon its going to be morning and i want you to take me to my room" she picked her neighty, bra and panty in her hand and then i took her in my arms and walked to her room.when we reached her room i said"ok, now you sleep and i will go to my room and sleep"she hold my hand and locked the door from inside and said"before going back i want to have sex again"i was just about to say no she reached to my cock and started sucking it and my cock grow large in her mouth and that certainly changed my mood......we had sex then and at about 5:10 i went out of her room and was only hoping that no one sees mee coz. i was nude.just i reached my room i opened the door i heard some giglling and when i turned back there was a girl of about 20 bressed in a maids clothes.i kept my hand on my cock she came close and told me that she saw me cooming out of madams room and she will tell it to her husband.i was very afraid and begged her not to tell and i would do anything if she didnt tell this to anyone.she gave me a mischevious smile and walked in my room and called me in and closed the door.what happened next i will tell you in my next story, until then bye bye.................
HI to all females if any one want to have a intimate relation with best secrecy mail me.All girls, womans, moms, and aunties anr most welcome preffered females are from NAGPUR tell my if you like the story or not my mail is : simngp4u yahoo simngp4u yahoo

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