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4 Worst Things To Do On Your First Date With A Man _ Avoid These Date Disasters Do you know how to keep your first date with a man from being your last with him? Do you have what it takes to get guys asking you out on second and even third dates? Stop walking on eggshells every time you go on a date by being aware of the things you_re not supposed to do in the first place. For most guys, the first date is a litmus paper test to find out if the girl they_re with is for keeps or someone that they should stay away from after that. Here are four of the worst things that you should never do when you_re on your first date with a man.
Talking about your dating history
There are a lot of other things that you can talk about on your first date with a man so you don_t need to cover your bad experiences with their kind. Not only is it rude but it leaves one thinking that there must be something wrong about you and that is why men keep leaving you.
Badmouth your ex
The guy in front of you is interested in you _ and this is why he asked you out. At this point, he_s not interested in your past relationships so there_s no reason to blurt out what went wrong with them. Men are turned off by women who badmouth their exes.
Throwing hints about settling down
Don_t you think the first date is too early for you to decide that you want to settle down with this guy? Honestly, even when you_re really dating to get into a serious relationship, don_t you just feel that you should get to know the person first before you plunge right in?
On your first date, one of the worst mistakes that you could evermit is to talk aboutmitment or even so much as making subtle hints about how your biological clock is ticking. Give the guy a break. There_s no need to pressure him about getting into a serious relationship with you at this point. On your first date with a man, don_t obsess on long-term goals for once and just enjoy the moment.
Claiming that you_re perfect for each other
This goes under the same umbrella as hinting at being in a serious relationship. Sure, you probably think that the two of you look good together and everyone in the restaurant may event think the same way. But there_s no need to voice this out. Keep this to yourself and let the guy realize that you_re perfect for him later on in the dating process. Again, on your first date with a man, avoid telling him that you_re good together and just enjoy the night instead.
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