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Is This An Illegal Love?

Is This An Illegal Love?

According to the May 21, 2000 in St. Petersburg Times, a 25-year-old, met, romance, and eventually had sex with 13 years old. They met in an Internet chat room for teens. The article presents various reactions and feelings with the incident and I wonder who the victim in this story was? A man married a 25-year-old named Michael Gisi falls for a boy of 13 years to meet for the first time in a teen chat room. Their relationship becomes more and more intimate, until finally his visits and has sex with her in his hotel room. Finally scraped some money to get a one way bus trip to his hometown. His trip was frustrated when his mother finds her farewell note and keeps track of the bus. After getting the police and the FBI in it, without knowing it, Gisi admits to having had sex with an underage girl while talking to a phone line clicked. He was arrested in his home and sent to prison for 75 to life, while parents of girls try tofort her and tell her he was taking advantage of it. Gisi mother and grandmother says she does not deserve life in prison. The 25-year-old, who was married with a child still claims to love the 13 years of age, and then asked his father, also said she still loves him too. The girl's parents had tried to prevent the same thing happen. His worst nightmare hade true. An adult male had used the Internet to prey on naive child's feelings. Parents thought the man was obviously a sick individual who was "playing with a 13-year-old mind." The man not only physically assaulted his son, but was also in the process of trying to kidnap his family. The parents' reaction was one of hate and protection. To say that the man "If you evere back, I'll kill you." Gisi not believe I was doing something wrong, "All I am guilty of is falling in love." However, he knew what he was doing would be dangerous for him because he had told her: "Honey, do not you tell the sex" To which she replied: "Why I can not?" He noted, "How old do I have?" How old are you? _ Gisi's mother, Joan Contreras, knew what he was doing was wrong, but I do not deserve life in jail for it. In fact, even went so far as to blame the 13 years if not Gisi was 13 until I was about to go down to meet him, after "He had already fallen in love with her. It was too late. "Grandma Gisi wondered what the big deal was, and said: "People do that sort of thing around here all the time and only get 30-90 days in jail." Pinellas Judge Helen Hansel is scheduled for sentencing Gisi. He faces 14 felony convictions, including lewd acts on a minor and the handling and fondling a 16 year old boy. They can call a penalty of 71 years to life. Society_s laws are intended to be hard for adults taking sexual advantage of children. I think it's worth Gisi year 71. If they were in "love" or not, she was still a minor and she was still 12 years younger than him. And since I was only 13 years old, can not be legally responsible for their own actions during this whole thing. I do not understand where the mother of Gisi is lowered to blame the girl! The girl is the victim in this whole affair. Or is she? Is it really a minor child who is free from fault or not they deserve to share some responsibility? Gisi surely is an adult and should be reprimanded. It is much more difficult to make judgments about the parents of the girls, as the article does not mention any issues beyond the family has been busy, so I can not be sure how the girl and act normally. But she should have known better than to let this man take over his life, and should not have any idea of allowing you to have sex with her. "Parents do not instill a moral code in his or she ignored her only teaching? Maybe 13 are too young to be able to fully understand how to protect them.
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