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Fashion FAQ

Fashion FAQ

More ukbeautystyle fashionFashion questions please ukbeautystyle ukbeautystyle A typical Teen wardrobe?? (girls)? What clothes have you got contained by your wardrobe?? ing it all into a record would be good! Thanks a lot :) Well within America: Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, and American Eagle are all very popular. im from australia so for my winter wardrobe: rdigans ( black, green, grey)... A website that sell's polite group dresses.? i need a really nice dress for my 18th birthday. They do loads of prom and party dresses and they make them within whatever colour you want and to your measurements too! Source(s): my friend got her prom dress from them boohoo boohoo riverisland newlook newlook select select topshop topshop flawless luck :)... Aaron johnson leather jacket from angus thongs and supreme snogging....exact one? pleasei've been searching everywhereebay, amazon.they don't comfort...i need to find the aaron johnson leather jacket from angus thongs and perfect snogging....the exact same one... s so awesomeexact color...exact styleeverything...thanks I really doubt your going to find that anywhere. But anyway who really cares... Abercrombie and Fitch.? For all you Americans out there I be wondering how much men's A&F hoodies are and also women's t-shirts. I live in the UK and am going to NY soon. I want to know how much those things will cost me yet the site will not tolerate me see the $ only... Abercrombie and Fitch Colden cologne for men? i was recently within a A&F store, (idk why, i feel A&F is for major tools haha) but i be walking around and saw their Colden cologne i think its called? so i sprayed some on my self.. in good health later i was getting key compliments from girls. one... Abercrombie and fitch prices? im going to florida and im expecting to get a few hoodies and tops. I hope that helps. PS: Louisa, you never said you were getting the hoodies for yourself, solely that you were getting them. Source(s): abercrombie abercrombie since a+f is an american shop, the prices are actually deeply lower. h... Abercrombie and fitch sizes? Im 15 and my parents don't buy me anything so not to get slagged in arts school, i have to be in trend, so i buy most of my "expensive" clothes of ebay, im a size 12-14 irish sizes, what size should i acquire hoodie? i don't want it to be tight? im... Abercrombie Tote pod? hey, was wondering if anybody knows e are the bags https://abercrombie webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/category1_12406_10901_12281_-1_12203https://abercrombie webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/category1_12406_10901_12281_-1_12203 xxx Yeah there are 3 pockets on the inside.. They adjectives have pockets, but theyre a lot more expensive than the ones at gilly hicks and since they're like peas in a pod company just get a shoulder bag from... About mens shoes ?? hi k please i enjoy seen the VANS and ASK THE MISSUS shoes both in purple but want somethink more smart try any place that black race shop How about Superdry - they're a bit more of a smarter brand at least - iselldiscountdesignertrainers.. iselldiscountdesignertrainers... There are also some... Accessories near a lace dress? Im going out tonight, and at the moment i am thinking about wearing a black short sleeved lace dress which has resembling a cream under-dresss thing. Also wearing black heels and tan tights. allydon'tt know what paraphernalia to wear with it if any. Any opinions? I did reckon a few pearl... Accessorize my dress?! :)? I need some help accessorising this dress:: ://lipsy store/party-dresses/mesh-prom-dress/product-is-DR02606_041 Theres black on it too, but I don't know if to hold with the black accessories or troop it with another colour, like misty pink or a contrasting colour?? HELP PLEASE xxxxx i think you should do black satin heels, simpleey... Advice on honeymoon outfit needed please? Husbands nieces wedding, our 3 daughters are flower girls, starts at 2pm continuing into evening, venue nice hotel, is this dress too much ? you thought about changing trimmings from the ceremony to the evening? Like something simple and subtle for the day and glam it up a... Advice on how to wear a boyfriend blazer please :)? I'm going to a house party tomorrow and there's a guy there I really resembling :) anyone got any design what would look good with it? I'm a bit clueless. By the passageway, I have most general mode trends and items of clothing, so i... Advices for outfit for a nuptial? I need one oufit for a wedding and I really don't know what to wear, but I guess a dress. ink something resembling this: nl/shoppingwindow? nl/shoppingwindow?dep... newlook shop/womens/shoes.. newlook shop/womens/shoes... (uk site but to bestow an idea) I'm thinking a simple white dress. After seeing Paris Hilton's mode mistake surrounded by Cairo, what would you wear surrounded by a place close to that? Paris Hilton's mistake: dailymail tvshowbiz/art.. dailymail tvshowbiz/art... axi skirt or a pair of loose linen pant with a modest top (no low cut or sleeveless) should be both culturally acceptable and weather-appropriate. Just avoid showing your... Agency assistance please, modelling, extra work? I have just turned 17 and am looking into joining an agency. Does anybody know of which ones are the best and that you don't hold to pay for? I am a dancer, taking a year out of proffesional college, and look young for my age, I'm from the midlands... Ah involve minister to on an outfit? Okay im going to a Marquee with alot of my mates and i inevitability a dress and heels to wear but i honestly dont know what to wear! like something not to fancy but not bland.. yih get me? Thanks Loves! Ok here are a few option! :)... Alice within Wonderland? I'm going to a birthday party and we have to dress 'Alice surrounded by wonderland style' it's not fancy dress, just dress reflective of the themes :) Thanks! FOREVER TWIST ON ALICE COLLECTION!! xD do it! <3 ALICE i obligation help i just answered a query and asked some... All saints brand of clothes? hey guys I posted this but i posted this in the wrong section so I am going to post this again i am thinking something like ordering from this store called All Saints clothing and in attendance big in Europe and i was wandering is nearby clothes good quality? i... Alternative prom dress.? If i wanted to have my curls blue, would a black and white prom dress match? or would it be better to stick to a plain black one? thanks surrounded by advance I had blue spine a few month ago i matched it with red dress and tell u wut it... Am a soaring girl 5'11 and i would similar to to find some NOT so illustrious heels to step to clubs and stuff...Any suggestion? I dont really wear heels often cause am already elevated but there are just some places you gotta wear a heel....but am not into dignified high environment would be good..anyone know... Am I big or small for my age?Bra size? Im 13, 30C, 5ft and 98lbs:) I would say so. Uhh.. Yeah I would say aloud you are ou own a 30in chest then you DONT NEED A C. try A. Das rite im 5 FOOT 5 AND IM 13 I would say you are... Am I the one and only one to reckon that todays 'fashion' shoes are dreadful? What has happened to shoes? Horrible things close to boots with holes in the toes - horrible high heeled sandals with straps and buckles going up to the ankles (I counted 15 buckles on a two of a kind yesterday -... Am i too ancient to shop within brand new look? I recently posted a question around a top i liked from new look and i be told it was too young for me, i am 24 and this is the top, do you regard im dressing too young way! Its enormously cute! deff wear it! It would... Am i too childlike?/? i'm 13 and got a high waisted skirt for college yesterday and i too young to wear it? it would go of late above the knee and i'd tuck my shirt in? No you are not to young for it, but if your parents say no after you wont be able... Am i too gooey i want to be a model? Am i too thick i want to be a model? me too /10 5'4" weight 117lbs 36", 27", 36.5" Pretty muscular. SIGNIFIANT; my spike has grown more so it is bit longer so it is not homosexual. s632.photobucket albums/uu48/abstract-attire/onlys632.photobucket albums/uu48/abstract-attire/only/ change your hair a... Alternative prom dress.? If i wanted to have my curls blue, would a black and white prom dress match? or would it be better to stick to a plain black one? thanks surrounded by advance I had blue spine a few month ago i matched it with red dress and tell u wut it...

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