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For White Girls

By Stacy - Jan 8, 2010 - From interracial- stories. Interracial stories - Views - 116754 Hi. My name's Stacy. I decided to write this here because I couldn't think of any better place to put it. I guess it's for girls like me, and for guys who might like reading this sort of stuff.Anyway, a little about me. I'm not, like, extremely gorgeous or anything, but I wouldn't say I'm ugly either. I have bleach blonde hair and brown eyes, but I'm a lot shorter than I would prefer to be. I'm almost 5'2". I weigh about 103 lbs., which is probably a little too skinny, but I'm not anorexic or anything.A couple of years ago, my sister took me to spend the weekend with her at her college. I wanted to see the campus since I needed to determine where I was going to go to school. She liked to party, but I was always the type to study. Some people said I studied too much.Well, the second night I was there, she talked me into going to a frat party with her on the other side of the campus. I can remember it like it was yesterday. Since it was a party, I decided to just wear some blue jeans and my favorite pink shirt. It was about a 15 minute walk to the frat house, which was a big white building. It was dark and there was a lot of noise coming from the building as we neared it.Inside, there were boys and girls dancing to a boom box and drinking. My sister disappeared for a few minutes and I stood in a corner waiting for her to come back. Across the room, I saw a black guy looking at me and smiling. He mouthed the word, "Hi." When I waved back, he pushed through the people dancing and came over to me."You, okay?" he asked. "You look a little lost."I nodded. "Yeah, I'm just waiting on my sister to come back. She wandered off somewhere.""I don't think I've seen you on campus before, " he told me."Oh. No, I don't go to school here. I go to Lincoln High. We'll be graduating this year, and I'm visiting. I think I might be coming here next year."He was standing really close to me, invading my personal space. And he was tall. He seemed like he was two feet taller than me, but I'm really bad at judging that kind of thing. "Oh, really?" he said, smiling and walking closer.My sister came back then with two drinks in her hand. I swear she seemed like she was already drunk. "Oh, hey you two!" she said. "I see you've met James, " she said, handing me a drink of some type of alcohol. It wasn't beer."Well, kind-of, " I said. Though I don't drink, I didn't want to seem like a prude, so I took a sip. "He didn't really tell me his name.""Oh, " she said, slurring her speech, which told me she was already drunk. "Well, James, this is my sis Stacy. And Stacy, this is James."He smiled, looking down at me and began, "Nice to me...' Then a new song started on the boombox and my sister let out a big yell. "WHOOOOOO!" And she stumbled out into the dancing crowd. I don't think James even barely noticed. "Nice to meet you, Stacy, " he said, standing what seemed like even closer."Nice to meet you, too, " I said. "Is it always so loud?"He laughed. "Only when we party. You want to come up to my room where it's quieter?"I thought about it a second, and decided there would be more space and more peace there until things calmed down. So, I agreed. "Sure, it's a little too wild down here for me.""Okay, but we don't allow drinks into our rooms, so drink that up. The faster you finish it, the faster we can get to the quiet."I looked down into my cup, and it seemed like there was a lot of liquid in it. But I was young, and I wanted to seem cool, so I drank it pretty fast, taking large gulps and sat the plastic cup on a rail. He seemed impressed. "There you go. Let's get out of here, " he told me, taking my hand in his much larger one and leading me upstairs.James' room wasn't too big, but there was a lot more space without the crowd. He closed the door to block out the noise. "There, much better, " he said.I agreed. "That's crazy down there." I was starting to feel a little light headed from drinking so fast. I'd never been drunk before or even had a buzz, so it was hitting me pretty hard."You look a little pale, " he said. "You feeling okay?""Yeah, it's just the alcohol I think.""You want to lay down to chill a little? Might not be a bad idea if you're not used to it.""Well, okay, I guess." I took off my sneakers and laid on my back on his bed. But when I did, the room started spinning even more. "I don't feel so good, " I told him."Don't think about it, " he said. "Just relax." He put on some soft music which was kinda soothing and came over and sat on the edge of the bed. "Let me help you, " he said, and put his big, black hands on my shoulders and massaged them. That seemed to help even more, so I just laid there and enjoyed it, still feeling the buzzing, but at least the room had stopped spinning.He massaged my arms, my temples, and took off my socks and rubbed my feet. "That feels good, " I said."Yeah, I had to learn all of this in my sports training, " he told me."Really? What do you play?""Baseball, basketball, football, just about everything, " he laughed. "You want some more massaging?" I nodded silently. "Well, to really do it right, you'd need to take off your pants and shirt."Now, if I hadn't had a buzz, I don't think I would have agreed. But James seemed nice, and it had felt so good. So I stood, and the world spinned again. I would have fell, but James caught me and supported me. "Easy there, girl." He helped me out of my pants and shirt, leaving me only in my red bra and panties. I laid back down and his hands felt marvelous on my little body. My legs felt light as he rubbed the muscles, starting at the ankles and working up over the calves, under the knees and up my thighs.As you can probably guess, I started to feel really horny. He rubbed my belly and sides. "You have a really pretty body, Stacy." My face felt hot, and I was still buzzing nicely. I told him thank you. "Let's take that bra off, " he said, and reached under me, unhooking it. I didn't protest.My breasts aren't very big, just an average B-cup, so his large hands easily covered them. Massaging them, making my nipples hard. I don't know how long he rubbed them, but it seemed like forever. He took his time, exploring every inch.By now, I had gotten really wet, and he started to pull down my panties. But I hesitated. "I've never done this, " I told him. "Do you want to?" he asked. Everything had felt so good and so right, and I was buzzing so much I whispered, "Okay."He pulled my panties down my legs and stood up and took off his clothes. I opened my legs, and he gently rubbed my pussy at first with his finger. "Ah, good and wet." Then, as I looked down, I saw the size of his cock. It was so big, it scared me, and I started to close my legs, but he grabbed them under my knees and spread them wide. "Don't worry, baby. I've got to hit this now."He pressed the tip of his cock against my hole and applied a little pressure and it slipped inside. I let out a little, "Ah, " feeling pain as he pressed against my cherry. Again, by instinct I tried to close my legs, but he had them under firm control."Damn, " he said. "This sweet, white virgin pussy is so damn good." And he pushed. There was a sharp pain as my hymen broke and he slid a little more inside of me. "Owww, " I said, arching my back from the pain. Pushing in and pulling out, little by little he stretched me until his cock had fully disappeared inside of me. He held it there, as I clenched my teeth together getting used to it."Tight, white girl ain't gonna be so tight after tonight, " he said. And then he started fucking me. After a little bit it started to feel really good. He had let go of my legs and was rubbing my clitoris, which kept me really wet for him. I let out sharp little gasps of "Ah. Ah, " every time his big cock entered me.His speed increased. I could feel him growing larger inside of me. Swelling and growing. Streatching me more and more as I buckled my knees, gasping frequently. Then he grabbed my hips and thrust hard deep inside of me and held it there. I felt his cock start pulsing and a sharp stabbing pain as he held it deep inside of me yelling, "Damn, yes! Breed that sweet, white, virgin pussy good!" The pulsing started to subside, and he finally pulled out and started putting on his clothes.I was stunned. "Did you? Did you just cum inside of me?""Fuck yeah, white girl, " he said. "You got some good pussy." And he walked out.I was still buzzing, but I got dressed and walked back downstairs to the party where I found my sister looking for me. She didn't seem near as drunk as she had before. "There you are!" she said. "Having fun?""I think I want to go back to the dorm, " I told her. She agreed. As we walked back, she told me, "I was worried I was going to have to beat James up when I couldn't find either of you. There's a rumor about him that he's fucked several girls on campus. I don't think it's true, but I'm glad he left you pretty much alone."I didn't bother telling her anything. I didn't bother telling anyone. It had felt really good. But he had left a little present behind to make sure everyone would know.Today, I still haven't started going to any college. After 20 weeks, my belly pretty much let everyone know I was pregnant. My family was shocked. They had always thought if either of their daughters got knocked up, it would have been my sister, Daphne. They were even more shocked when I gave birth and saw that it was a black man's baby.I never saw James again.

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