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Dating Tips For Women - Do_s & Don_ts On Your First Date Got a date this Saturday night for the first time? Are you nervous and worried about making the silliest mistakes that might spoil everything? Fear not! Here are some useful tips on what to do and what you should not do on your first date. These tips can surely help you make that night, a meaningful and an embarrassment-free night.
1) Bring a mace/pepper-spray
Better be safe than sorry, right? Do carry a mace or pepper-spray in your purse. Make sure it is easily accessible. You never know when you are going to need it.
2) Take your credit card along
Traditionally, the man will pay for the bills when you go for a date. But, _accidents_ and _misfortunes_ can happen. It is advisable that you prepare yourself to pay, in case of emergency.
1) Wear revealing outfit
Never ever wear a revealing or too sexy outfit to a first outing. This might set the wrong impression to your guy. He might think that you are too desperate or that you are trying too hard to impress him. He might also think that you are seeking attention from other guys. Do dress nicely, though. But do not over-do it.
2) Get drunk
It is a big mistake to get yourself drunk. You might just end up displaying the worst side of yourself and eliminate the possibilities on going to your second date. You will also expose yourself to great danger of being raped by the guy. If the guy offers you a beer or champagne, just decline the offer softly. Tell him that you would like to be sober for the night so that you will remember every sweet details of your first date.
3) Pay for the food
Let the man pay the bills. If you start paying on your first date, he will assume that you are willing to pay next time and the next too. Plus, paying for a man_s meal might tarnish his ego in some way.
4) Let him drive you home
It is always safer to drive yourself. You never know what the guy is thinking or planning. If you do not own a car, you can opt to take a cab or better still, ask a girl friend to drive you home.
Now that you have known all these simple tips, enjoy your first date!
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